Ella Henderson If Instagram. Her witty new single “Let’s Go Home Together” is a duet with Tom Grennan and deserves to

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[ Ella Henderson: ‘If I wanted to ’embrace my curves’, I’d post my own bikini pictures on Instagram’ ]

At just 25 years old, Ella Henderson is already making a pop comeback. Her witty new single ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ is a duet with Tom Grennan and deserves to become her fourth hit since she first re-emerged in September 2019. When she sings, ‘Even though you’ve got bad tattoos and smell like booze/I’m into you’, it’s a reminder of the soulful voice and sharp songwriting that made Henderson a teenage star before she stepped back from the spotlight.

‘It’s weird, isn’t it?’ Henderson says with a laugh when I ask about her unusual career trajectory. She’s a straight talker with enough warmth to expunge any awkwardness from a 10am Zoom call.

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