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Earths Magnetic Field Could Flip And Wipe Out Satellite Technology

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Sun’s solar wind recreated in lab with aid of Big Red Ball
(Aug 2019) It’s responsible for the auroras, which it produces in partnership with the Earth’s magnetic fields. The solar wind has also given rise to possibly the coolest job description on Earth

Earth’s inner core is doing something weird
(Aug 2019) We don’t yet fully understand how this magnetic dynamo works, but scientists strongly suspect it’s tied to the mysterious motions deep inside the planet. (Learn what really happens when Earth’s

Last reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field took twice as long as previously thought
(Aug 2019) The last full reversal of the Earth’s geomagnetic field took at least 22,000 years to complete, researchers from the US and Japan have revealed. The finding, which was derived by combining volcanic,

Visualizing strong magnetic fields with neutrons
(Aug 2019) For the first time this method, also known as polarized neutron grating interferometry (pnGI), has been used to measure magnetic fields. One million times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field pnGI

Chemical compass behaviour at microtesla magnetic fields strengthens the radical pair hypothesis of avian magnetoreception
(Aug 2019) The fact that many animals, including migratory birds, use the Earth’s magnetic field for orientation and compass-navigation is fascinating and puzzling in equal measure. The physical origin of these

In US-China trade war, rare earths are contested ground
(Aug 2019) What are they used for? Rare earths have a particular atomic structure that gives them unique physical properties. Europium, for example, has a red luminescence used in television screens. Neodymium,

XSEDE Supercomputers Aid in Simulations of X-Ray Laser Research Laser Pulse Visualizations Powered by SDSC and TACC Supercomputers
(Aug 2019) The strength is comparable to that on a neutron star’s surface, which is at least 100 million times stronger than the Earth’s magnetic field and a thousand times stronger than the field of

Magnetic fields, commercial fusion energy and the health effects of Chernobyl
(Aug 2019) This week’s podcast begins with the welcome news that at least one form of destructive planetary change – a sudden and dramatic reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field – is much less likely than

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