Earth’s magnetic field could FLIP and WIPE OUT satellite technology

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Scientists have recently discovered that the North Pole is moving from the Canadian Arctic towards Siberia at a rate of 55km a year. The reason is not known, but it is likely due to massive section of liquid iron shifting in the planet’s interior. This has caused global geomagnetism experts to undergo an urgent update of the World Magnetic Model (WMM) where it will alter where exactly North Pole is.

The next update was not scheduled to happen until 2020, but due to the North Pole’s sudden shift, researchers have to bring it forward.

However, the consequences could be much more severe as it could also be due to a possible impending pole reversal, where north becomes south and vice versa.

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Many things are taking place:

Is Earth’s Magnetic Field Flipping Soon?

Earth’s north magnetic pole is so out of whack that scientists need to update the global magnetic-field model they released only four years ago. Could that be a sign that the magnetic pole will flip soon?

The World Magnetic Model (WMM) ‘ the name of the updated representation of the magnetic field of Earth ‘ is expected to be released no earlier than Jan. 30. That’s about two weeks later than planned, with the delay due to the government shutdown, according to a report in Nature.

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Magnetic north pole racing towards Russia risking havoc for planes, ships and smartphones

Something strange is happening to the magnetic north pole, and it’s skittering away from Canada at breakneck speed.

EARTH’S magnetic north pole is not where it’s supposed to be thanks to strange and erratic movements that could spell trouble for planes, boats and even your smartphone.

Magnetic north has drifted so fast in recent decades that scientists are scrambling to keep navigation tech that relies on the magnetic poles to map the planet up to date.

On the move. The magnetic north pole recently crossed the International Date Line. Picture: NatureSource:Supplied

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