Duck Dynasty Sadie Robertson. DUCK Dynasty star Sadie Robertson showed off her slim figure in a new underwater photo but joked

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[ Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson sports bikini in swimming pic but jokes ‘modest is hottest’ as fish covers bare ]

DUCK Dynasty star Sadie Robertson showed off her slim figure in a new underwater photo but joked that being ‘modest’ is what it’s all about.

Earlier in the week, the 23-year-old TV personality enjoyed a day out in the water with her husband Christian Huff when she decided to have a little photo fun.

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Sadie wore a multi-colored striped bikini and threw her hands up in excitement, while Christian had on blue swim trunks and was caught looking over at his wife.

In accidental matching, a striped fish swam in front of Willie Robertson‘s daughter’s exposed stomach just as the snapshot was taken, thus covering up the lower half of her tummy, including her belly button.

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In case you are keeping track:

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