Douglas Family Reports UFO Sighting

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A Douglas family reported seeing an unidentified flying object in April, according to a recent posting to the National UFO Reporting Center.

The family’s report, posted to the private organization’s website, said family members were outside of Douglas on a night in mid-April when they saw a ‘somewhat transparent’ object in either a crescent or saucer shape possibly fly across the sky and then change direction.

Family remembers reportedly saw the UFO at various points over a 45-minute period at different elevations and spots in the sky.

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UFO Awareness Day: Sightings In Pennsylvania; What They Saw

PENNSYLVANIA ‘ An unidentified flying object thought to be intergalactic spacecraft was caught on closed-circuit television in 2009. Residents of Pennsylvania have made multiple reports to the National UFO Reporting Center.

Thursday is a stellar ‘ make that interstellar? ‘ day for folks who like to search for strange lights and movements in the sky. Well, UFO Awareness Day was July 2, and witness accounts from Pennsylvania indicate there’s plenty to see in the heavens.

The National UFO Reporting Center has hundreds of reports of unidentified flying objects, piquing the curiosity of folks fascinated by the possibility that we’re not alone here on Earth and aliens from another galaxy are circling the planet in strange-looking spacecraft.

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Unsolved Mysteries Won’t Have Any Update Episodes, but You’ll Know If a Case Gets Solved

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, cocreater Terry Dunn Meurer said she doesn’t think they’ll happen in the future due to how fast social media works when it comes to covering stories in real time. “We would like to [have update episodes] but it’s trickier on the streaming platform,” she explained. “I guess maybe we could produce an extra [episode]? But we’re assuming that with social media if there’s a significant update on any of these cases, it will probably be pushed out faster on there. If something happens, it’ll happen very quickly if there’s big news because a case got solved . . . since now it’s not broadcast, it’s a different kind of animal. Trust me, the world will know if one of these cases gets solved.”

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‘UFO Fleet’ Of White Orbs Appear Over California, Expert Claims [WATCH]

An eyewitness from California was able to capture a video of an alleged “massive fleet of UFOs” hovering over the area. According to the eyewitness, he saw about a hundred orb-looking objects flying in the sky.

The UFO sighting occurred in a residential area in Benicia, California. A video taken by the eyewitness during the incident was uploaded to YouTube by ET Database.

In the video, several white-colored orbs can be seen hovering in the sky. While some of the orbs remained motionless, some of the strange objects appeared to be descending toward the ground.

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SNP’s anti-Brexit attack stuns Commons as MP brands UK a ‘third

Mr Chapman said: “A Bank of America report in the Financial Times yesterday suggests that, post-Brexit, the Pound will be weak and volatile.

“A situation that the Leader of the House will fully recognise will only help the spivs and the speculators.

“Before we move to third-world currency status, will he agree to a debate in Government time on the weakness and volatility of the Pound in a post-Brexit Britain?”

Mr Rees-Mogg quickly shut down the SNP’s criticism, responding: “I spent decades in the City and you could always find some silly analyst to write some silly report and the FT to report it.”

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Pennsylvania remains one of best states for spotting UFOs, and 2020 is booming

The National UFO Reporting Center has been logging UFO sightings across the nation since 1930. The center is a privately-run organization with no ties to the U.S. government. It categorizes the sightings by year and month, asks for the date, time, city and state of the sighting; shape, duration of the sighting and asks for a summary of your experience. According to their database, there have been 20 reported sightings on Staten Island since 2015.

As of today, World UFO Day, Pennsylvania was the fifth best state for UFO sightings from January 2019 through June 2020.

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