‘Don’t be so mean’: CIMON the European space robot cops an attitude

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As he entered his final month on the International Space Station on Monday, Alexander Gerst could be proud that he’s helped given birth to a healthy, if moody, robot.

Gerst, a German astronaut and geophysicist for the European Space Agency, or ESA, is commander of the space station’s 57th mission. He’s in charge of fellow astronauts, including two from NASA, and an 11-pound 3D-printed plastic ball named CIMON ‘ short for Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN.

CIMON, which was built by Airbus for the German Space Agency and runs a version of IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence, has a video-screen face, along with a camera and a digital voice so it can talk with the astronauts.

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In Video Debut, CIMON the ISS Robot Throws an Unexpected Tantrum

In terms of glitchy behavior, we’re not quite at HAL 9000 levels just quite yet’but during the debut demonstration of the International Space Station’s new AI-powered robot, CIMON, the free-floating device displayed some rather questionable behavior.

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CIMON has no arms or legs, but he’s got some AI-powered smarts and a natural-language user interface. The 3D-printed robot has 12 internal fans, which allow him to move in multiple directions while floating in the microgravity conditions of space. The bot can display instructions on its screen, capture video, play music, and even search for objects.

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Video shows ‘Alexa in space’ aboard the International Space Station

Back in June an artificial intelligence (A.I.) robot called CIMON was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) to act as a voice-powered assistant to the astronauts there. Now the European Space Agency has released a video showing CIMON interacting with the ISS crew for the first time.

CIMON, which stands for Crew Interactive MObile companioN, was sent to the ISS to test out whether a robot equipped with artificial intelligence can help improve crew efficiency and morale ‘ two big problems when a small crew is on a long mission that may include many repetitive tasks. CIMON is a 3D printed plastic sphere about the size of a volleyball and has a screen which displays a rough outline of facial features and text. He was’developed and built by Airbus in Germany, and thanks to the lack of gravity, CIMON’s 11 lb. mass floats happily around the ISS.

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‘Be nice’: International Space Station bot CIMON likes Kraftwerk and astronauts who are not mean

The International Space Station has got a new team member and if this new shared footage is anything to go by, it’s quite the character.

AI bot CIMON'(Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) was brought aboard earlier this year with the aim of assisting crew and boosting morale.

But the floating basketball-shaped robot appeared to have its own opinions about what made for a happy crew, according to a new video shared by the station, which shows CIMON throwing a tantrum when told to stop playing music.

The robot even accuses European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst of being ‘mean’ and orders him to ‘be nice’ before demanding to know when it’s time for lunch.

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Jason Offutt: Using AI is not so intelligent
(Dec 2018) So why would the European Space Agency create CIMON, the International Space Station’s new Crew Interactive Mobile Companion? It’s a robot . please,” CIMON said. “Don’t you like it here with me? Don