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Curing Hiv Just Got More Complicated Can Crispr Help

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Scientists may have cured a man of HIV by injecting him with ‘superpower’ cells. Here’s what it means for the future of AIDS treatment.
(Mar 2019) The reason these specific bone-marrow transplants seem to be capable of curing HIV is that both donors had a genetic mutation in a protein called CCR5 that made them more . complicated immunological

How Three People With HIV Became Virus
(Mar 2019) He came out of the surgery not just . can be cured. More cases may be soon to come. The two cases were part of the IciStem program, a European collaboration that guides investigations into using

Curing HIV just got more complicated. Can CRISPR help?
(Mar 2019)   Science Magazine

Scientists probe cellular hideouts for HIV and show that CRISPR can still cut the AIDS virus from DNA in monkeys.

The ethics of democratizing diagnostics with next-gen CRISPR
(Mar 2019)   SynBioBeta

While CRISPR diagnostics is a new technology, the concept of self-diagnostics itself has been gaining traction for quite some time, especially as health care .

Outraged by Chinese experiment, top scientists call for moratorium on gene-edited babies – Omaha World
(Mar 2019) Outraged by Chinese experiment, top scientists call for moratorium on gene-edited babies  Omaha World-Herald

Scientists and ethicists from seven nations on Wednesday called for a moratorium on gene-editing experiments designed to alter heritable traits in human .

UCSF’s Top NIH-Funded Projects of 2018
(since Feb, 2019)   UCSF News Services

More than a thousand projects across the University received federal funding from the National Institutes of Health in 2018, totaling more than $647.8 million.

Ethics aside, does the CRISPR baby experiment make scientific sense?
(months ago)   Science Magazine

Before the news broke Sunday that Chinese researcher He Jiankui had used the genome-editing technology CRISPR to create genetically altered twins, he was .

CRISPR bombshell: Chinese researcher claims to have created gene-edited twins
(months ago)   Science Magazine

HONG KONG, CHINA—On the eve of an international summit here on genome editing, a Chinese researcher has shocked many by claiming to have altered the .

After last week’s shock, scientists scramble to prevent more gene-edited babies
(some months now)   Science Magazine

Few seemed more surprised by the tide of outrage unleashed by the claim that the first gene-edited babies had been created with the revolutionary lab tool .

Gene editing of dogs offers hope for treating human muscular dystrophy
(months ago)   Science Magazine

Fighting fire with fire, researchers working with dogs have fixed a genetic glitch that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) by further damaging the DNA.

The Miami monkey cured with two antibodies
(months ago)   aidsmap

A ‘functional cure’ of HIV has been achieved in one monkey given gene therapy that induced it to make two broadly neutralising antibodies against the virus.

CRISPR is too fat for many therapies, so scientists are putting the genome editor on a diet
(months ago)   Science Magazine

COLD SPRING HARBOR, NEW YORK—The genome editor CRISPR has morphed over the past 6 years from an obscure bacterial immune mechanism into the .

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