Congress’ draft spending bill for NASA does not address Trump’s moon 2024 plan

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NASA would receive $22.3 billion in the coming budget year under a draft spending bill released Thursday by the U.S. House Appropriations Committee — but that bill does not address a Trump administration plan to reach the moon by 2024.

In giving NASA $22.3 billion, the committee would provide the space agency with about $1 billion more than the current year. It provides increases for science programs, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) engagement and exploration.

But it does not mention a plan released Monday by President Donald Trump, which would use $1.6 billion in surplus Pell Grant funds to jump start the agency’s five-year moonshot. The Trump plan came two months after the administration directed NASA to reach the moon four years early, in 2024 instead of 2028.

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HELENA, Mont. (AP) – Montana Gov. Steve Bullock announced Tuesday that he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, distinguishing himself among nearly two dozen candidates as the field’s only statewide elected official to win a state that President Donald Trump carried in 2016.

The 53-year-old governor is running as a centrist Democrat who has advanced party values while navigating a Republican legislature and a GOP-leaning electorate. Bullock made his candidacy official in a video that capped months of speculation fueled by his political activity in Iowa, which hosts the nation’s first presidential caucus next February. He plans to address supporters later Tuesday in the state capital, Helena, where he grew up not far from the governor’s mansion.

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Paid Family Leave Has Stalled in Congress for Years. Here’s Why That’s Changing

Before her daughter Celena was born that August, Carpenter was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The temporary insulin deficiency resulted in additional doctor’s appointments and even higher medical bills, but it also meant that Carpenter had to deliver her baby as soon as she reached full-term.

During an emergency caesarean-section delivery, doctors realized Celena had her first bowel movement while still in the womb. The six-pound 14-ounce baby had sucked fecal matter into her tiny lungs and developed a serious bacterial infection. She would remain in a neonatal intensive-care unit for one month and home with an oxygen tank for another.

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President Trump will propose sweeping changes to the legal immigration system with a plan he’ll outline on Thursday.

All his proposal lacks are details about addressing certain sections of the immigration system, on-the-record Republican backing and support from Democrats in control of the House, who are sure to balk at the lack of any protections for undocumented immigrants who arrived in the country as students. A senior administration official who briefed reporters on the topic Wednesday wouldn’t say whether any Democrats have been consulted yet.’

“Right now this is the Trump plan. We’re hoping this will become the Republican plan,” said the senior administration official.

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Baseball Owners Want An International Draft Because They Want Absolute Control

Those same children who leave school to pursue the vanishingly distant dream of making it as pro athletes are exploited in various ways along the way. For starters, they’re likely pumped full of performance-enhancing drugs by their busc’nes, the trainer-agents that work as middle-men between international free agents in places like the Dominican and MLB teams. Kids who appear bigger and stronger are going to stand out more to scouts, and are more likely to pull in larger contracts; for middle-school-age children with a chance at real money, the potential rewards outweigh the myriad obvious risks. Those players will only get that money after other people get theirs. MLB officials routinely get kickbacks in exchange for paying extra for a given prospect. Busc’nes get a cut, too: they aren’t just finding, training, drugging, and representing these kids out of the goodness of their hearts. There are reasons to doubt MLB’s sincerity, here as always, but the human costs of all this institutionalized scuzz are real, and significant.

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