Chrysler tried to build a better space shuttle; NASA said ‘no’

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The Chrysler SERV was the automaker’s proposed alternative to the space shuttle program JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press

This year will’not only mark the 50th anniversary of the first’moon landing, but also that of the last’proposal by a Detroit automaker to’build a manned spaceship.

Though little remembered today, the’Chrysler Space Division was a major’player’in the early space age and made’a’serious attempt to win’the’NASA contract for the next-generation spacecraft to’follow’the Apollo program.

Chrysler engineers’submitted a radical’design in fall 1969 for a vehicle that could haul cargo and people to a future space station, return to Earth and’be entirely reusable for another 99 flights.

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In case you are keeping track:

NASA gives SpaceX the okay to launch new passenger spacecraft on uncrewed test flight

It’s official: the first uncrewed flight of SpaceX’s new passenger capsule, the Crew Dragon, is set to launch on March 2nd out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Both NASA and SpaceX agreed to move forward with the flight today after doing a full day of reviews, determining that the vehicle was ready to see space and travel to the International Space Station. If the capsule successfully makes it to orbit, SpaceX will be one crucial step closer to putting the first humans on board its spacecraft.

This flight, called Demonstration Mission-1, or DM-1, is a major milestone for NASA’s Commercial Crew program, an initiative to send NASA astronauts to the International Space Station aboard private vehicles. Since the Shuttle program ended, NASA has relied on Russia to ferry its astronauts to and from low Earth orbit ‘ an expensive arrangement that limited the types of missions NASA could run. But soon, US astronauts could be launching on US-made vehicles once again, as NASA did during the Space Shuttle era.

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The Future Of Fashion: How Fashion Tech Companies Can Build Community

Forbes CommunityVoice’ allows professional fee-based membership groups (“communities”) to connect directly with the Forbes audience by enabling them to create content ‘ and participate in the conversation ‘ on the Forbes digital publishing platform. Each topic-based CommunityVoice’ is produced and managed by the group.

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CEO of Xehar Technologies, a fashion technology company building innovative solutions for the fashion industry and inventory management.

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In the process of building our fashion shopping app using artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies, I have learned that there is more than just tech needed to create a full solution. In addition to the tech, you must build a community. I believe this is the element that many fashion tech companies are forgetting.

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KC Becker: Let’s build a better future through climate action, updated oil and gas laws

Our ski areas are seeing smaller snow packs, our farms are seeing less rain, and our mountain areas are seeing higher risks of wildfire. And all of us in Boulder know too well the lingering impacts of recent floods.

Scientific data tells us that Colorado is one of the states most affected by climate change, and the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic for our economy and our environment.

The findings of the National Climate Assessment the Trump administration tried to bury this past Thanksgiving shook the world, and they tell us that we have 12 years to act on climate or our planet will plunge into disaster. The assessment showed that climate change will dramatically heat up our region and planet, harm public health and lead to more devastating impacts. But some in Washington (gasp) and even in the state legislature remain in denial.

Best Mid-Tower Cases To Build Your Own PC Gaming Rig

Whether you go for the physical nerd heaven that is Microcenter or Amazon, the virtual counterpart, we hope this article will provide sufficient guidance for you to help you pick the best mid tower case for your personal preferences. Computer case makers like Cooler Master, Corsair and NZXT have a massive range of PC cases to choose from, but we’ll try to go over only those that actually do the job better than the competition.

The capacity of your rig’s PC hardware components depends first on the computer case being used and then on the price you are willing to spend on the gaming rig. Despite that, PC cases often don’t get as much attention as their impact on your PC. For instance, a mid-tower with Micro ATX form factor will not be able to juice up your favorite motherboard because it is an ATX board. Same is the case with a variety of other physical limitations that we’ll discuss product by product below.

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