Chinese blockbuster The Wandering Earth might be the best sci-fi movie of 2019

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China’s first major science fiction blockbuster, about a future where humanity has come together and formed a world government, is a big and beautiful movie. It could be a game-changer, writes critic Travis Johnson.’

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‘Go big or go home’ seems to be the ethos driving The Wandering Earth, a big budget adaptation of Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin’s’ novel of the same name ‘ and in this case home is a star several light years away from us, it’s going to take us two and a half thousand years to get there, and we’re taking our entire planet with us, because our own sun is going nova. Oh, and it might all be for naught because we’re going to crash into Jupiter.

Quite a lot has been going on:

The Wandering Earth could be the film to spark China’s science fiction moviemaking

Laden with an extravaganza of special effects, The Wandering Earth (out in China on February 5) is a Chinese science fiction movie of epic scale that rivals Hollywood space blockbusters like Interstellar and Gravity.

Movers and shakers in China’s scientific community are singing the film’s praises, saying it heralds a new dawn for Chinese sci-fi cinema.

While China’s movie industry has enjoyed spectacular growth since the country’s opening up 40 years ago, science fiction is a genre that has been left mostly underdeveloped due to huge technical costs and the deep philosophical depth often involved in plots.

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‘The Wandering Earth’ to usher in new era of Chinese sci

The interstellar sci-fi spectacular “The Wandering Earth” held its premiere in Beijing on Monday and received rave reviews from the audience, signaling that the film may become China’s first breakout sci-fi blockbuster film.

At the premiere, Liu Cixin, also the film’s producer, praised the production: “For the first time, ‘The Wandering Earth’ shows the Chinese people’s feelings toward their homeland on a galactic scale, and my soul was shaken by it. I hope many people can feel the charm of Chinese science fiction and the grandeur of this film.”

For a sci-fi production of this scale, the visual effects had to be of a high quality. Luckily, the film achieves a Hollywood caliber of special effects thanks to the work of many top domestic and international special effects companies, including Weta Workshop, Base FX and More VFX. Director Frant Gwo said the most difficult part of producing this film in China was not due to technology, but trust. He had to overcome skepticism from investors on whether China had the necessary technologies and talent to make a sci-fi film of this caliber.

Check Out The Beautiful Trailer For Chinese Sci

When you think of large-scale science-fiction ‘blockbuster’ type movies, the Unites State film market is the clear dominating creative force, followed by several other countries to much lesser degrees.’ British films come to mind (as do their long-running sci-fi TV counterparts like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Red Dwarf’), and in recent decades the Russian film scene has come up with some rather, shall we say, unique and over-the-top ideas for genre films.’ But China, as large as their film and entertainment production work is, has never been a major player in the blockbuster sci-fi film arena.

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‘The Wandering Earth’ a thrilling start for Chinese sci

The whole trip is expected to last 2,500 years, during which time humankind will go through about 100 generations. Yet, as Earth approaches Jupiter, the gas giant’s huge gravitational force captures the planet and threatens to tear Earth apart within days. Who will save the world?

Perhaps thanks to Liu’s fame, as well as the huge marketing efforts of the movie team, The Wandering Earthposted ticket sales of 670 million yuan ($99.3 million) on the first day of its release. That put it in fourth place at the box office that day, but its audience ratings on Douban, China’s equivalent to IMDb, are as high as 8.4 points, surpassing all of the three other more profitable films.

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