China charts a path into European science

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Just southeast of the European Parliament in Brussels, construction cranes are hard at work, hauling the last window panes into place for a gleaming new building that establishes a beachhead for China in the heart of the European Union.

The privately funded centre is one small part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), an ambitious economic development programme that aims to increase trade between China and 131 other countries. A modern incarnation of the old Silk Road, the BRI will improve connections through a network of rail, road and marine routes.

Europe has a special place in the venture because it was the final destination of the original Silk Road. But although some strands of the BRI end in Europe, China has kept the main powers in the EU ‘ Germany and France ‘ at arms’ length, and is instead focusing its attention on the continent’s poorer nations, mostly in central and eastern Europe. Italy, which is struggling economically, joined the ranks of the BRI in March by signing a memorandum of understanding with China.

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Q&A With Artsy CEO Carter Cleveland: The ‘Dorm Room’ Startup That Charmed the Art World

Exactly a decade ago, a Princeton senior named Carter Cleveland started a company called Artsy in his dorm room. In its simplest form, Artsy is a website that facilitates the buying and selling of artwork.

Like many of his fellow college entrepreneurs, Cleveland’s academic training in computer science lent him a convenient skillset to start a company of just about any type in the digital age. And his passion for art, thanks to family influence, naturally steered him toward the idea of building something to serve art lovers like himself.

What Cleveland didn’t know back then, though, was the fact that plenty of people had thought of the same idea before him, had tried it in the market and had failed.

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China’s Path Not Taken

NEW YORK ‘ This month marks the centenary of one of the most important cultural and political episodes in modern Chinese history: the May Fourth Movement. On May 4, 1919, Chinese students and intellectuals launched a massive protest in Beijing, demanding the end of ‘feudalism’ and more political freedom. A century later, it is officially celebrated by a Communist dictatorship that allows no protest, let alone one led by students. May 4 inspired another revolt, in Tiananmen Square from April to June 1989, which is not even allowed to be mentioned in public.

What exactly was the spirit of May 4? The ostensible reason for the protests was the handover of German territories in eastern China to the Japanese, as mandated by the Treaty of Versailles, and accepted by the Chinese government. This was seen as a blow to Chinese patriotism, and a typical sign of national weakness and corruption. But the movement was about much more. Like the European Enlightenment, which served indirectly as one of its inspirations, May 4 represented many things: free love, artistic experimentation, feminism, socialism, educational reform, and so on. The two symbols of May 4, brandished rather like the Statue of Liberty in Tiananmen Square in 1989, were ‘Mr. Science’ and ‘Mr. Democracy.’

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Put down the pot brownies: A new crop of cannabis books is blazing a path to more refined cooking

For the cultured cannabis user, the pot brownie has become passe. What has taken its place is something altogether more exciting, albeit complicated. In the new era of cannabis cookbooks, putting weed in your food can be an art, a science and a craft.

‘I think it says a lot about this .’.’. industry that we are all moving in this sophisticated direction,’ said cannabis cookbook author’Robyn Griggs Lawrence. Cannabis is becoming ‘just another ingredient.’

It’s not just any ingredient, though. Wanna get high? If you buy a cannabis cookbook, get ready to learn chemistry, botany and math.

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Happening on Twitter

Greetings Earthlings: There is no spoon or AI. The data presented above may one day be zapped to another dimension. Just thought you should be aware. Hey, buddy, why are all the planets not aligning?