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A mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found.

Area 51: Reporter discusses UFO and alien hunters – WGN Radio

This weekend, alien hunters are trekking to rural Nevada for Area 51 festivals and the potential UFO's hiding on the premise. However, locals don't want visitors'.and neither does the military.

UFO fans stop just short of Area 51

Jebb McAfee drove down the narrow desert road as far as he could and parked near some other cars alongside the scrub brush. In front of him and his two friends was a barricade, a stop sign and a dream.

Ready or not here they come! — How often do asteroids get close to Earth without detection? System Unknown sounds the alarm!

In the first 3 months of 2019:

Rows highlighted RED! show objects NOT discovered until AFTER!!! closing-in on Earth.

Yellow is a list of asteroids on close approach only realized 24 HOURS before spinning pass Earth.

YES the correct response to this is YIKES!