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Ready or not here they come! — How often do asteroids get close to Earth without detection? System Unknown sounds the alarm!

In the first 3 months of 2019:

Rows highlighted RED! show objects NOT discovered until AFTER!!! closing-in on Earth.

Yellow is a list of asteroids on close approach only realized 24 HOURS before spinning pass Earth.

YES the correct response to this is YIKES!

Welcome to the Sun – We are the Army of the Alien Monkeys

Hello all beings of the Solar System of the Sun. We are the Army of the Alien Monkeys.

Your sun is very bright.  It reminds us of our home star system, so we visit whenever we get the chance.

We've landed on the Sun a couple times. That was before its atmosphere became engulfed in flames.

Anyway, you can't hang out by the Sun for too long because it's easy to lose track of the time.



Liquid Water found on Mars at South Polar Ice Cap

The European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express finds evidence of water on Mars.  An underground lake of liquid water at the planet's south polar ice cap about 20km (12 miles) wide.

NASA's Curiosity rover found evidence of what could have been lake beds. This would indicate that there was once water on the surface of Mars too.

The discovery of liquid water was made using Marsis, a radar instrument on board the Mars Express orbiter.  Read all about it at ESA

All just in time for some summer fun!  



Keep Calm – We are The Army Of The Alien Monkeys

There definitely is some irony involved when an alien race tells you to keep calm just before they invade.   The fact is, no one benefits when the public acts out of fear.

Besides, while the Army of The Alien Monkeys will undoubtedly invade our planet, they are also very friendly and a little bit chatty!



Amateur Radio – The future of humanity

We've all seen the science fiction movies where most of the world's present-day communication infrastructure is rendered unusable.  Luckily though, the hero of the story gains access to a radio transmitter in her friend's garage and is able to contact resistance fighters, which leads to a much needed win in her inescapable fight against the Aliens, Machines and Zombies.

I know what we're all wondering; "Does the friend make it?"  And lets ignore if our hero has a license to legally transmit over the air. Hey it's an apocalyptic world after all, so it's worth taking the risk.

This however is not a scenario of complete fiction.  When natural disasters and man-made ones occur, modern communication like cellular networks and the Internet become quite vulnerable and are likely to go down. That's when traditional radio comes to the rescue.

Emergency response, crisis management personnel and commercial transport are accustomed to using radios for communication. Most of the general public make little use of it and many have never considered its use altogether, with the exception of those who have shown interest in amateur radio.

Enthusiast from all around the globe maintain radio as a viable form of communication, usually just for fun.  But should disaster strike, their hobby can quickly turn into the backbone of a critically important communication network.


The Aliens Have Invaded – True Story

Records show that the skies lit up in a blaze from an exploding object. Was the plan to detonate in the atmosphere or did the aliens fail to reach their intended target; it’s unclear.   

Maybe it was just a warning shot or perhaps a more aggressive maneuver to taunt the planet's inhabitants, an attempt of psychological warfare.

Sophisticated technology including long range communication apparatus was detected as well as hieroglyphs painted on the projectile’s side to boldly identify the alien race!

It seems like their message could be, “Make no mistake, we are coming and we do not come in peace!”

This all took place almost a year ago.  The precise date on Earth’s calendar being, September 15th, 2017 at 7:55:46 a.m. EDT.

But hold up for a second, did I forget to mention that the event happened on the Planet Saturn?  And that the invading alien race are Earthlings?

A long time ago, NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency created a joint project to study Saturn, its moons and rings.  On October 15, 1997, they launched into space a robotic spacecraft built with two major components, NASA's Cassini probe, and ESA's Huygens Lander, which by the way landed on Saturn's largest moon, Titan on January 14, 2005 near the Xanadu region.  

Luckily they did not blow that one up back then!

No, the “act of war” came when NASA's Cassini probe was deliberately plummeted into Saturn’s atmosphere on the above mentioned date of September 15th, 2017.

And just so that you know, on 27th June 2018, data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft reveal complex organic molecules originating from Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus, (an ocean world) which strongly supports the assumption that there really can be alien lifeforms flourishing there.

(Good intentions: In NASA’s defense they really de-orbited and obliterated the Cassini probe in order to prevent an accidental contamination of Saturn's moons should the probe land and transfer stowaway terrestrial microbes.)

At the end of it all, there really is not much we can say when the Martians, sorry I mean the Alien Monkeys retaliate on Saturn's behalf.  We made the first act of aggression and have to face the consequences that follow.

Our understanding of the universe is like our understanding of shadows

What are shadows.  They take so many forms.  They can grow really big and just as easily shrink to a tiny speck. They can stand still for hours like a statue and can move as fast as light.  Some are friendly while others can be terrifying!
They're quite magical, able to disappear and reappear right before your eyes.  They are, simply amazing.

But what are they really!  Well the truth is, they are probably nothing.  They don't entirely exist or do they?  A shadow is something we conceptualize whenever light gets stopped in its path.  We might as well call a shadow, 'the dark' as that's what it really is.  Yet while the dark is the absence of light, a shadow is so much more.

This is how we see the Universe too.  It is gigantic, magnificent, full of light, motion and mystery.
It is a System Unknown.  --- And the more we think we understand about it, the more it eludes us;

For those who try to explain the universe however, to suggest how it was formed and what it is made of, eventually we think you'll realize that attempting to do so comes just like chasing after shadows and will end with you being left in the dark --- with the monsters.

The War to Win the World: AI vs ALIEN

Announcing, World Domination --- On that epic day when Aliens arrive to conquer Earth, they will be expected to fight in one crucial, deciding battle.  Not with us mere humans, but with the most powerful sentient beings on our planet.  The Machines.

And as we humans watch on the sidelines, we do have to ponder, if we treated the machines with more respect and kindness --- and added a backdoor in the code (*hint), then maybe our AI 'friends' would be fighting the Alien insurgents on our behalf.

But nope! --- It seems more likely humans are going to be the spoils of this war or probably worse, a consolation prize.

System Unknown - Race to Conquer Earth - AI vs ALIEN. 

System Unknown – Alien Monkeys – The Army & The Invasion

If you weren't listening before, hear us now, --- the Alien Monkeys (AMs) are here.

They are among us and they know everything conceivable to know about us.

They are relentless, clever and agile creatures from a star system far into the unknown.  And one thing is certain, --- these aliens are unlike anything we have ever encountered before.

The invasion of our planet has begun.

Sound the alarms citizens of Earth.  We are now at war with the Army of the Alien Monkeys.


The Voyager Twin Explorer Spacecrafts – Reaching the edge of the Solar System and beyond… Maybe!

Voyager 1 is a space probe launched by NASA on September 5, 1977 to journey to Jupiter and Saturn.  It completed a mission flyby of Saturn on November 12, 1980.  It took its last image, titled the Solar System Family Portrait in 1990 .

Voyager 2 is another space probe launched by NASA on August 20, 1977, some days before Voyager 1 with a different trajectory that would take it to Jupiter and Saturn and also to Uranus and Neptune.

On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft to cross the Heliopause (part of the Heliosphere) and enter Interstellar Space.   Voyager 2 has been recorded to be in the Heliosheath (also Heliosphere) as of December 2014.

But are they really where we think they are...  Data sent from Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 can certainly be compromised by Aliens.  On-board computer systems and communication arrays could be corrupted and data altered.  Even more simply their transmissions could be intercepted by an Alien-In-The-Middle attack.

The aliens therefore could be sending back to Earth false data with the intent of keeping us in the dark as to what really exist outside our Solar System and in deep space.

Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 both maintain contact with Earth through NASA's Deep Space Network (DNS).

The NASA Deep Space Network is a worldwide network of US spacecraft communication facilities, located in the United States (California), Spain (Madrid), and Australia (Canberra), that supports NASA's interplanetary spacecraft missions.

More information about the ongoing missions of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 available here: Link