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ESA’s Living Planet Symposium shines a spotlight on Earth observations ‘

While not all satellites are used to observe and monitor Earth's climate, surface temperature, and oceans, satellites are playing an increasingly important role in how researchers ' and work to tackle global warming.

NASA To Put Woman On Moon By 2024; Commercial Space Will Play Major Role

At the end of Ron Howard's film 'Apollo 13,' Tom Hanks intones with a final, rueful quiver, 'I look up at the Moon and wonder, when will we be going back? And who will that be?' Let's hope that will be in five short years. As for who?

Trump requests $1.6B in new NASA funding for 2024 moon landing

In a surprise announcement, agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine said the revitalized moon program will be named Artemis after the Greek goddess of the moon. "The first time humanity went to the moon it was under the name Apollo," he said.