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Earth Day: Can Genetic Technology Help Resurrect Extinct Species?

'The Weather ChannelToday is Earth Day, and the theme for 2019 is 'Protect Our Species'. As billions across the globe pledge to take action, the time is ripe for exploring innovative ' Today is Earth Day,

The Case for Rewatching, Rereading, and Repeating Experiences

A common, low-stakes living-room scenario: A couple is trying to decide on a movie to watch. There's an option one half of the relationship is thrilled about, but the other has already seen it. On those grounds, it's ruled out.

Disinformation — What you need to ‘not’ know matters.

Information is power. So is disinformation. The sleight of hand in getting people to believe that something is not real by first telling them it is, providing supported, but easy to disprove evidence. So when the evidence is quickly and naturally disproved, the original claim, that is ‘the cover-up’ is dismissed as being false as well.