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International Space Station

Jan Broberg: Abuser used alien conspiracy to control me

"I was more terrified of that voice and those messages coming from that voice, than probably anything else that happened to me," Jan recalls, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live.

Our View: UFOs are real, and we should know what they are

From the summer of 2014 through March 2015, The New York Times ' , Navy pilots regularly encountered impossibly fast and agile aircraft while training over the East Coast. To this day, they have no explanation for them.

New UFO-themed convention, AlienXPO, coming to Knoxville this summer

After a number of reports of unauthorized or unidentified aircraft being reported in recent years, the U.S. Navy is updating its UFO protocol. Buzz60, Buzz60 * * * The two-day AlienXPO will take place Saturday'and Sunday, Aug.

Searching for a close encounter in Nevada

Living in Santa Cruz County, one of the most congested areas of the country, it is a luxury to drive on one without bumper-to-bumper traffic. Road trips'especially in remote areas'have always been an attractive vacation for me.

Where will Technologically Advanced Aliens Hide in our Solar System?

Straight to the answer: Close to the Sun. Why do we often enough make the mistake to think if aliens were venturing our way that we would find evidence of them on their approach to our solar system. That we can take photos of them in the skies, or they will be detected by our numerous satellites and exploration spacecrafts.