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‘Under The Silver Lake’ Is A Potential Lebowski-Esque Masterpiece

Like Jordan Peele's Us, ' is an acclaimed writer/director's follow up to his breakout horror hit, in this case Robert David Mitchell's first effort after 2014's It Follows.

Would You Travel Across The World For 62 Seconds Of Science? Countdown Begins To Super-Short Eclipse

Would you travel across the world and into the remote Outback of Australia to glimpse a total solar eclipse that will last for just 62 seconds?

NASA’s Cassini Reveals Surprises with Titan’s Lakes

Publisher: NASA/JPLTwitter: @NASAJPLCitation: ' Check out this next one:Saturn's moon Titan sports phantom hydrocarbon lakes In the April 13 SN: The browning of the Arctic, RNAs steal the spotlight, sensing Earth's magnetic field,