Carol Vorderman. She then shared photos of the view with her 465,000 followers, showing off the clear blue waters and

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[ Carol Vorderman, 60, sparks frenzy with eye-popping display in bikini while paddleboarding ]

She then shared photos of the view with her 465,000 followers, showing off the clear blue waters and the sunny conditions she was enjoying.

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‘The water was so clear and calm…a special morning chillin on the boards @FatStickBoards’ #paddleboarding.’

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Fans rushed to the comments section of Carol’s post and proceeded to inundate the star with compliments about her ageless figure.

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It comes after Carol showed her confidence on the water, as she tried her hand at doing yoga while balancing on her board.

* * *

Carol posted one snap of her gliding along the water last week, while another saw her doing popular yoga move, the downward-facing dog.

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Black was back at the Baftas

Last night’s glittering Bafta Awards heralded a welcome return to understated glamour with some of our most respected and beautiful actresses signalling to the world that black is most definitely back.

Kelly Brook’s slip of a dress and Carol Vorderman’s turquoise boob tube from last year were forgotten when heavy-hitters Kate Winslet, Annette Benning, Juliette Binoche and Hilary Swank all showed you don’t need to display everything you’ve got to look good.

When the world’s press wants to take your photograph there are two ways to go: chic black or glitzy sparkle. While glitter is the more traditional route, black is the favourite for most women – stars or not – because it’s just so flattering.

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