Carol Kirkwood BBC Breakfast. By the time I was 17 I was a size 16.

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[ Carol Kirkwood’s wardrobe malfunction on BBC Breakfast exposed: ‘I felt it slipping south’ ]

Carol was moments away from rounding-up her weather forecast bulletin when she burst into hysterics after the chain of her necklace snapped and fell down into her top.’

As she announced ‘here comes the rain’ to viewers, a muffled thud could be heard as the gold accessory struck her microphone.’

* * *

As she turned between viewers and the green screen, half of her necklace’s chain was hung around the neck while the other part swung across her chest.’

As Carol explained that it was ‘cooler from the North’, she burst into laughter and the remainder of the forecast was inaudible due to her giggles.’

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Can you tell which picture shows me at my happiest?

I wasn’t sporty, made too many trips to the school tuck shop and had a penchant for stodgy canteen lunches. By the time I was 17 I was a size 16. At home, my mum was perpetually on a diet ‘ she was that stereotypical 80s mother forever eating grapefruits ‘ so I can’t blame her healthy family meals for my weight gain.

Slim women intimidated me and I made so many assumptions about them: they were happier, more popular, had more friends and more male attention. In short, their lives were perfect. So throughout my 20s and 30s, I created a confident persona to distract attention from

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