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Masked Singer Reveals Identity Grandpa

Greetings Earthlings: There was a bright light and zap. The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . NASA, either it's cold or someone stole the sun.

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Joel Dommett admits he didn’t recognise a-ha frontman after ‘Masked Singer’ reveal
(Jul 2021) Joel Dommett has confessed that he didn’t immediately recognise a-ha frontman Morten Harket when he was unveiled during the most recent series of The Masked Singer. The Take On Me vocalist competed on

The Masked Singer’s Joel Dommett reveals contestants he didn’t recognise after being unmasked
(Jul 2021) The Masked Singer is classic, escapist telly. It’s entertaining, it doesn’t make much sense, and it gives viewers the chance to play detective. It also gives host Joel Dommett the chance to play

Our blind date? It was monstrous! Bonkers new Netflix show Sexy Beasts combines The Masked Singer and Blind Date to see if singletons can focus on personality, not looks …
(Jul 2021) Putting a very literal spin on the old saying that love is blind, Sexy Beasts, which has just launched on Netflix, sees singletons don a bizarre series of masks to see if they can find a love

The Masked Singer’s Joel Dommett didn’t recognise Morten Harket after costume removed
(Jul 2021) Joel Dommett has admitted to not knowing who a-ha singer Morten Harket was when he unmasked him and it led to an awkward interview

Joel Dommett baffled by Masked Singer star
(Jul 2021) Joel Dommett has admitted he was baffled when A-ha singer Morten Harket emerged from under his Viking costume on ‘The Masked Singer’ and he recalled their awkward interview as one of the most embarras

‘The Masked Singer’ season 6: Everything we know about the latest season of Fox’s singing competition
(Jul 2021) The Masked Singer features celebrities of varying singing capabilities dressing up in elaborate costumes and performing for a panel of celebrity judges who then have to try and guess who’s behind the

The Masked Singer’s Joel Dommett watched burglar break into home on CCTV
(Jul 2021) The Masked Singer host Joel Dommett has told how he and wife Hannah Cooper watched helplessly as a burglar broke into their home and rifled through their belongings

‘Masked Singer’ Season 6 First Look: Costume Clues Include a Hamster, Magician and Banana Split (Exclusive Video)
(Jul 2021) A first look at “The Masked Singer” Season 6 two long months after the finale of Season 5, courtesy of TheWrap.

Sexy Beasts on Netflix isn’t quite the Masked Singer of dating shows
(Jul 2021) No this isn’t a weird fever dream, you’re just watching Sexy Beasts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Netflix’s brand-new dating show caught mass attention when the initial trailer dropped – purely because of

‘Sexy Beasts’ dresses up ‘The Dating Game’ in ‘The Masked Singer’s’ makeup
(Jul 2021) Review by Brian Lowry, CNN Dating shows keep getting weirder, but the basic formula remains remarkably faithful to the early days of television. So on the

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