Braless Brazil fan renders basketball commentator speechless in comedic World Cup moment (VIDEO)

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Former San Antonio Spurs player Gaze was on duty for the World Cup clash between the USA and Brazil at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center when the cameraman picked out a particularly eye-catching Brazilian fan in the stands.

‘Well it’s all on the line now for Brazil,’ Gaze was saying as the footage initially showed slow-mo shots of players.

But he was stopped in his tracks when the broadcast switched to the Brazil fan decked in yellow and shaking her chest.

Here’s vision from a the Brazil USA game with great commentary from @AndrewGaze10 – hahaha absolute classic

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TV commentator loses train of thought as sexy Brazil fan dances in crowd at Basketball World Cup

A TV commentator hilariously lost his train of thought after setting his gaze on a sexy Brazil fan in the crowd at the Basketball World Cup.

Former NBA star Andrew Gaze was left speechless by a braless supporter in the stands and needed his own time out during the game.

A timeout was called early in the fourth quarter of America’s 89-73 win leaving the cameraman to focus on some slow-mo shots of the players.

“Well it’s all on the line now for Brazil,’ Australian Gaze began by saying, before the footage panned towards a glamourous fan shaking her chest.

The yellow-clad woman flicks her hair back as spectators around the stadium clap and cheer as she is shown on the stadium’s big screen.

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