Border Disputes Threaten Climate Science Himalayas. The air here at the foothills of the Himalayas is especially pristine, thanks to the absence of

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[ Border Disputes Threaten Climate Science in the Himalayas ]

Perched on a mountaintop in northern India, the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) has been monitoring the Earth and skies for about 15 years. The air here at the foothills of the Himalayas is especially pristine, thanks to the absence of human industry. Paradoxically, this makes the institute especially well suited for research into air pollution.

Just below the mountains, pollutants aggregate from far and wide, brought in by strong winds and yearly monsoons. The mountain peaks act like chimneys, through which a small amount of air rises up from the plains, carrying the pollutants to higher altitudes, where scientists can easily detect them against an otherwise clean background.

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Border Disputes Threaten Climate Science in the Himalaya

The view from ARIES, a climate lab perched precariously close to a number of disputed international boundaries along the Himalaya. Photo: Lou Del Bello/Undark.

‘That is the beauty of this place,’ says Manish Naja, an atmospheric scientist at ARIES. Inside his high-altitude laboratory sits a cacophony of buzzing instruments. A tube from outdoors takes in for analysis mountain air that may contain particles emitted from the burning of fossil fuels, wood, and cow dung. On this particular day, a printout from a machine that measures black carbon, called an aethalometer, is dotted with sooty spots ‘ visual clues that scientists can use to help measure local pollution.

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How border disputes in the Himalayas are affecting climate research

It had taken organisers more than two years to convince the ministers from China, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar to come together and discuss common environmental problems and possible solutions.

The paucity of scientific cooperation was revealed in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC)’fourth assessment report, in 2007. That report identified the whole Himalayan region as a black hole for data, with no consistent long-term monitoring in a region warming much faster than the global average. After the report was published, the countries of the region committed to cooperate on research to quantify the impacts of climate change. But there has been little action over the past decade. In 2014, when the IPCC released its’fifth assessment report, the same problems remained.

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When the mountains had a meltdown in Uttarakhand

Personnel from the Border Roads Organisation, the Army and the National Disaster Response Force, among others, build a bridge to connect one half of Raini village to the other half over the Rishiganga river in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district after an avalanche destroyed the earlier bridge. ‘ | Photo Credit: V.V. Krishnan

Pushpa, another resident of the village, was tending to her cattle when the disaster struck. ‘I really thought I’d die,’ she says. ‘There was a huge cloud of dust. For a long time, I couldn’t see anything. I was suddenly knocked off my feet by the wind. I somehow got up and untied the cattle.’

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Nation briefs

The intelligence findings were long known to many U.S. officials and, even as they remained classified, had been reported with varying degrees of precision.

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WASHINGTON | President Joe Biden said Friday that Iran should view his decision to authorize U.S. airstrikes in Syria as a warning that it can expect consequences for its support of militia groups that threaten U.S. interests or personnel.

‘You can’t act with impunity. Be careful,’ Biden said when a reporter asked what message he had intended to send with the airstrikes, which the Pentagon said destroyed several buildings in eastern Syria but were not intended to eradicate the militia groups that used them to facilitate attacks inside Iraq.

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Global Pandemics, National Borders, and Political Problem

Source: Kenneth Cloke, Politics, Dialogue and the Evolution of Democracy: How to Discuss Race, Abortion, Immigration Gun Control, Climate Change, Same Sex Marriage and Other Hot Topics, GoodMedia Press (2018)

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Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know less in human beings of whom they know nothing. ~Voltaire

There are crimes against humanity the magnitude and cold brutality of which cannot be understood, cannot be weighed or calculated on any scale or spreadsheet ‘ crimes, the motives for which are as commonplace, as banal, as quarterly earnings and political careers. ~ Hannah Arendt

Date: 03/13/2020
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The CNN 10: Dare to go

Maybe a subtle shift in direction is enough to feel the excitement. Or is it the thrill you’ll get from telling family and friends about your slightly unconventional travel plans?

* * *

Choose a bold, unspoiled escape: a high mountain haven in Asia, or a pristine lake in a sliver of Africa. Follow in the footsteps of nomads and warriors. Meet people carrying on ancient traditions.

We won’t send you into war zones or jumping out of airplanes. But we haven’t ignored thrill-seeking altogether (blasting off to space is still on the table).

* * *

We’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of countries often overshadowed by their flashier neighbors. And we’ll take a deeper dive into less-familiar regions of places that see their fair share of tourists.

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