Black hole warning: Scientists spark fears over ancient phenomena that could engulf Earth

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The researchers expressed their concern over the findings, as the outer reaches of the Solar System displays ‘odd’ gravitational orbit anomalies.

Concerns were raised further when Poland’s Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) recorded a set of gravitational anomalies.

The oddities of the gravitational pull led the university’s researchers to propose the presence of a Primordial Black Hole (PBH) in place of what scientists have previously called ‘Planet 9’.

They believe the black hole to be ancient, created within the first second after the Big Bang, that has somehow been captured by our solar system.

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Northern California hit by mega power cuts over wildfire fears

Large swathes of the San Francisco Bay Area – though not the city itself – have lost power, angering residents.

The region’s utility company, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), has warned the shutdown could last several days.

With weather forecasts predicting high winds, the move is intended to prevent the risk of fallen power lines igniting more wildfires.

“The conditions are ripe: dry fuel, high winds, warm event. Videos for Black Hole Warning Scientists Spark 3:12Black hole warning: Scientists spark fears over ancient phenomena that could engulf Any spark can create a significant event,” said Ray Riordan, director of the Office of Emergency Management in San Jose, during a press conference on Tuesday.

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Ban on face masks, no entry for kids in US theatres amid ‘Joker’ release

Police in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago said in statements that while they had no specific threats, they were deploying additional officers or closely monitoring movie theatres where the “Joker” is playing.

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“I don’t think there’s any fear at all. I think it’s the exact opposite – people wanting to go out and show that this movie can be just that – just a movie,” the podcast host and producer said as he bought a ticket for “Joker” near New York’s Times Square.

Costumes and face masks have been banned for moviegoers at two US theatre chains – AMC and Landmark – while the Alamo Drafthouse cinema group warned parents not to bring their children.

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SDG&E prepares for Public Safety Power Shutoff as Santa Ana winds approach

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – People across California are ready for blackouts, as Santa Ana winds are expected to create an increased fire danger up and down the state.

Power companies like San Diego Gas & Electric are preparing to cut service to thousands of customers in order to mitigate the threat.

The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning that will take effect at noon Thursday and last through 6 p.m. Friday.

On Tuesday night, SDG&E notified 30,000 customers that their power may be impacted by a potential shutoff. 1:17Black hole: How NASA's emergency warning over ‘cataclysmic event’ disturbed The number of customers who may be affected rose to more than 34,000 Wednesday.

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