Katie’s season is set to air this summer while Michelle’s will premiere in the fall.

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[ Bachelorette: Katie’s Promo Clip Falls Flat After Wardrobe Malfunction ]

It was announced in mid-March that both Katie and Michelle Young of Matt’s season would be the next Bachelorettes. Katie’s season is set to air this summer while Michelle’s will premiere in the fall. Fans instantly fell in love with Katie on Matt’s season because of her loud personality and willingness to stand up for what she believes in. Both fans and Katie’were left in shock when Matt decided to send Katie home during their one-on-one date. Although things did not work out with Matt, Katie is currently on location working towards finding a potential husband.

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Youthful-looking Japanese female motorbike rider is actually a 50-year

A youthful-looking Japanese female motorbike rider (pictured) has gained a huge following on social media – but’not everything is as it seems

A ‘youthful Japanese female motorbike rider’ has fooled thousands on social media after ‘she’ was exposed as a 50-year-old man’with long luscious hair.

But eagle-eyed followers suspected something wasn’t right when a mirror reflection in one of the pictures showing a completely different face.

A Japanese entertainment TV show managed to track down the creator of the Twitter feed, discovering a middle-aged man was behind the pictures after he pulled his bike helmet off to reveal himself in the ‘ultimate catfish’ moment.

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