Bachelor In Paradise Kiki Morris Sydney. But on Thursday, Kiki Morris was flying solo as she stepped out in Sydney to take her dog for a

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[ Bachelor In Paradise’s Kiki Morris shows off her toned physique in Sydney ]

But on Thursday, Kiki Morris was flying solo as she stepped out in Sydney to take her dog for a walk.

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The blonde bombshell appeared to be in a good mood as she strolled around the block with her pet pooch on a leash.

In addition to staying in shape through exercise, Kiki has made no secret of the extensive cosmetic procedures she’s undergone to achieve her glamorous appearance.

The model, who shot to fame on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor in 2016, has previously admitted to having a breast enlargement as well as various non-surgical skin treatments over the years.’

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Date: 2020-07-30T06:24:32+0100
Author: J Peterson
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