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The aliens are using our satellites to communicate

To infiltrate and conquer requires wit, stealth and a powerful communication network.   An advanced alien race will know how to achieve this.  They will know exactly how to conceal themselves while operating in plain sight.

Aliens have been doing this for decades now by using Earth tech.  Makes sense too, as we wound not be suspicious of our own, man-made infrastructure.

To communicate they are using our satellite network, storing their data using high-level encryption and transmitting as white-noise inside of regular signals bursts.

We keep looking to the stars in search of extraterrestrial life when what we should be doing is figuring out where that hum at 4 in the morning is coming from.

We are in a solar system with 8, .. no 9 planets .. again!

Did you hear that there’s a 9th planet in our solar system? … and it’s not Pluto.. not this time! NASA made a press release about it. You can read it here

And on that note, here’s something to consider …

If an alien race with the technology to mask an entire planet has been eluding Earth all this time, what do you think their next move will be?

Alien Monkeys.. they are already here and their intentions are unknown.

Octopuses are extraterrestrial beings

Hello to all those Octopuses out there in the wild.  We did not know you were part of an advanced alien race.
Please do not attack us.  Regarding those we have in captivity at aquariums across the world, know that our intentions are not hostile.  You will be released immediately upon your request.

The 3 hearts should have given it away, but we are still a very naive race!