Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA

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Australian-built rover to head to moon in 2026 in joint mission with NASA

An Australian-made rover will explore the Moon as early as 2026 in the country’s first foray into lunar exploration.

Australia has signed a deal with NASA to develop a small rover that will have the ability to pick up lunar rock and dust and bring it back to a moon lander operated by NASA.

The lunar soil, or regolith, is expected to contain oxygen in the form of oxide and — using separate equipment — NASA will aim to extract oxygen from the samples. “This is a key step towards establishing a sustainable human presence on the Moon, as well supporting future missions to Mars,” the Australian government said in a statement.

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Australia To Build Lunar Rover To Send To The Moon In Nasa Collaboration

Australia will be heading the project to build a $50 million rover that will head to the moon on a joint mission with Nasa to collect lunar soil.

The massive project will be funded by the Federal Government’s ‘Moon to Mars’ program and is pegged for launch in 2026.

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The news follows last year’s announcement that Australia had signed up for Nasa’s Artemis Accords, a set of principles that will allow different nations to come together to ‘guide space exploration cooperation’.

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