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Atomically Precise Models Improve Understanding Of Fuel Cells

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The great failure of the climate models
(Aug 2019) According to the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there has been no systematic increase . U.N. climate models have failed badly. This is a critical error. Getting the

Engineered models to parse apart the metastatic cascade
(Aug 2019) Moreover, little progress has been made in understanding . medicine and precision oncology. Although improvements are needed to increase tractability and accessibility while faithfully simulating

Rational synthesis of an atomically precise carboncone under mild conditions
(Aug 2019)   Science Advances

Carboncones, a special family of all-carbon allotropes, are predicted to have unique properties that distinguish them from fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and .

Electron pairing in the pseudogap state revealed by shot noise in copper oxide junctions
(Aug 2019)   Nature.com

Shot-noise measurements in copper oxides reveal paired charge carriers existing in the pseudogap above the superconducting critical temperature, shedding .

Carbon nanotube films enable method to recycle waste heat
(since Jul, 2019)   Nanowerk

Scientists are designing arrays of aligned single-wall carbon nanotubes to channel mid-infrared radiation (aka heat) and greatly raise the efficiency of solar .

Plants’ defense against insects is a bouquet
(months ago)   EurekAlert

Michigan State University scholar Andrea Glassmire and her colleagues have revealed how the mixture of chemical weapons deployed by plants keeps .

Using artificial intelligence to better predict severe weather: Researchers create AI algorithm to detect cloud formations that lead to storms
(since Jul, 2019)   Science Daily

When forecasting weather, meteorologists use a number of models and data sources to track shapes and movements of clouds that could indicate severe storms .

Living annulative π-extension polymerization for graphene nanoribbon synthesis
(many weeks now)   Nature.com

A solution-based living annulative π-extension polymerization technique produces graphene nanoribbons with simultaneous control over their length, width and .

Genetic breakthrough in cereal crops could help improve yields worldwide
(since Jul, 2019)   Science Daily

A team of scientists has achieved a breakthrough in the genetics of senescence in cereal crops with the potential to dramatically impact the future of food security .

Single molecule–mediated assembly of polyoxometalate single-cluster rings and their three-dimensional superstructures
(since Jul, 2019)   Science Advances

The assembly of atomically precise clusters into superstructures has tremendous potential in structural tunability and applications. Here, we report a series of .

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