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Atomically Precise Models Improve Understanding Of Fuel Cells

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This Is How Astronomers Will Finally Measure The Universe’s Expansion Directly
on 11th of Nov 2019 As the Universe expands, the emitted light stretches as it travel from the source to the observer, but without knowing the intrinsic properties of that light, we couldn’t measure the amount of

Progress and Challenges for the Use of Deep Learning to Improve Weather Forecasts
(Nov 2019) He is focusing on a better understanding of model error and model uncertainty, on the use of reduced numerical precision that is optimised for a given level of model error, on global cloud-resolving

Atomic layer deposited Pt-Ru dual-metal dimers and identifying their active sites for hydrogen evolution reaction
(since Oct, 2019) X-ray absorption spectroscopy indicates that the Pt-Ru dimers structure model contains one Pt-Ru bonding configuration . Besides, the ALD technique provides the possibility to achieve atomically

How the world’s biggest gun helped solve a long
on 11th of Nov 2019 But Liou’s computer models had a blind spot when it came to debris . surface temperatures, atmospheric gases, and wildfires to improve the timeliness and accuracy of forecasts in advance of severe

Claiming PR’s Seat at the Table
on 11th of Nov 2019 As a response, he said, “We are moving away from an interruptive model to one that encompasses brand integration and branded content around consumer passion points.” That, at the highest level, is the

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Gee whiz, I did not know we were going to study this phenomenon today.

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