Asteroid warning: Space rock’s near Earth miss confirms need for desperate action – ESA

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On July 25, a huge asteroid which is roughly the size of a football pitch, skimmed Earth, and scientists were unaware it was coming. Asteroid warning space rocks near earth News NASA Asteroid Warning: Space Rock As Big As Two Titanics Headed To EarthInternational Business Times2 weeks ago... is big enough to level a city should its path change course and impact Earth directly. The asteroid, labeled 2015 JD1, is ... The asteroid in question is known as ‘2019 OK’ and when it was first discovered, it was not classed as a near-Earth asteroid. Asteroid warning: Stephen Hawking’s calculation over 'planet sterilising' rock ...Express1 week agoNASA is constantly watching space, categorising any Near-Earth Objects (NEOs ... make breakthrough over dinosaur-extinction ... However, the European Space Agency (ESA) confirmed that scientists had only noticed it was travelling near Earth ‘just days’ before it whizzed past as a distance of 65,000 kilometres ‘ one fifth of the distance to the Moon.

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Many things are taking place:

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s dire asteroid tsunami warning for North America

The devastation that a 370-metre-wide asteroid currently orbiting Earth could cause has been revealed in a sobering timeline of disaster.

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A 370-metre-wide asteroid has been orbiting Earth for decades and scientists say the effects could be catastrophic.

A series of very unfortunate events would have to coalesce for it to strike ‘ but if it did you could kiss goodbye to vast swathes of the North American continent.

The asteroid, named Apophis 99942, has long been classed as a ‘near-Earth’ space rock and briefly caused a panic in December 2004 when scientists estimated there was a 3 per cent chance it could hit Earth in 2029.

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Huge asteroid misses Earth but spotlights threat posed by space rocks

An asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower hurtled past Earth early on Saturday at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour, missing us by 4.6 million miles ‘ not quite a close shave, but not so far in astronomical terms.

Had the fast-moving space rock, dubbed 2006 QQ23, been following a different trajectory, it could have slammed into our planet with an explosive force of up to 500 times that of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

But if 2006 QQ23 is no cause for alarm, it’s a 1,150-foot reminder that somewhere in the cosmos another big and as-yet-unseen asteroid could be on a collision course with Earth.

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The enormous asteroid set to skim past Earth this week

A massive asteroid is expected to race by the Earth this week, but scientists say there’s nothing to worry about.

Asteroid 2006 QQ23, which has a diameter of about 570 metres, CNN reports, and is scheduled to pass by on Saturday.

But scientists have confirmed the asteroid is “more or less benign,” estimating it’s about 80 million kilometres away.

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Lindley Johnson, of NASA’s planetary defence coordination office, said asteroids of a similar size pass Earth about six times every year.

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Meanwhile, reports this week that a tsunami could wide up the west coast of North America should an asteroid plunge into the Pacific Ocean have gone viral.

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