Asteroid warning: 20,000 potentially DANGEROUS asteroids fly past Earth – 861 pose RISK

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More than 860 and comets whizzing around Earth have the potential to strike the planet at a future date. Each month, the European Space Agency discovers around 160 new space rocks but many remain unaccounted for. Last month alone (April 2019), the ESA has revealed 208 new asteroids closing in on Earth. And since the start of the year, the ESA’s database of so-called Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) has grown by 731 space rocks.

As of April 27 this year, the total number of NEOs flying past Earth stands at a terrifying 20,022 asteroids and 107 .

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Why NASA just destroyed a simulated NYC with a fake asteroid

Scientists said the city might have been spared had there been more than eight fictional years to plan space missions to knock the asteroid off course from Earth.

“I think the exercise illustrated how time is the most valuable asset when it comes to asteroid hazards,” said Richard Binzel, a professor of planetary science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a participant in the simulation. “In reality, having many decades of warning gives us multiple options and multiple tries to prevent catastrophe.”

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