Ashley Graham Cinderella. From 2015 to 2019, the growth rate of global Bikinis & Tankinis market size was in the range of

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[ Ashley Graham hits the gym hard as she reveals her ‘Cinderella’ workout routine ]

And on Monday, Ashley Graham took to her Instagram Story to showcase one of her grueling workouts at the gym for her 12.3 million fans and followers.

She also put her curves on display by posting a photo of herself modeling a stylish black bikini with butterfly wings.

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Working up a sweat: Ashley Graham, 33, took to her Instagram Story to showcase one of her workout routines with a personal trainer at Heart & Hustle in Los Angeles on Monday

Graham, 33, got her workout in at Heart & Hustle,’a private personal training facility in Los Angeles.

While there, her’fitness trainer, Gregg Miele, had her use resistant bands, which are more common in recent years to help increase strength and flexibility.’

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‘I Tried Olivia Wilde’s Super Stripped

There’s no debate about it: Olivia Wilde has great skin. The actress and director, 37, has the sort of lit-from-within glow that befits her Hollywood status. So, when it comes to products, what does she put on her face?

Wilde is a fan of ‘clean beauty.’ Now, this is a slightly ambiguous term, with no concrete, legal definition. Adherents will often say it centres ‘natural ingredients’, which might refer to things that are distilled from purely natural sources, like, say, rosehip oil, which is made by pressing rosehip seeds, but which, again is not legally defined. They might also mention eliminating more aggressive and synthetic ingredients, like parabens and drying alcohols.

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