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As The Arctic Melts Maritime Security Gets Real

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Parliamentary report on Arctic security tries to cut through ‘geopolitical fog’
(Apr 2019) As the global security environment that has prevailed since . ‘blaming the North’, the dramatic consequences for Canada of the melting Arctic Ocean, the need for closer real as opposed to rhetorical

Canadian Arctic report urges stronger ties with NATO, Indigenous communities, but weak on science, say experts
(Apr 2019) A report this week gives recommendations to Canada on everything from geopolitics and international law to international security . in Canada’s Arctic as ice melts and previously inaccessible

The ice is melting: Is Arctic shipping warming up?
on 22nd of Apr 2019   American Journal of Transportation

In the Arctic, the ice is melting opening up waterways and opportunities.

Coast Guard Pledges To Manage Russia, China in Arctic
on 22nd of Apr 2019   Breaking Defense

The Coast Guard wants to operate more consistently in the Arctic, but has a fraction of the icebreakers that Moscow can deploy.

China’s Arctic Policy and its Potential Impact on Canada’s Arctic Security
(Apr 2019)   CIMSEC

This article originally featured in The Canadian Naval Review and is republished with permission. Read it in its original form here. By Sherman Xiaogang.

Climate Change: Our Greatest National Security Threat?
(Apr 2019)   Just Security

The climate century is upon us: the earth is warming, humans are to blame, and we must take immediate action now to prepare for climate change’s massively .

4 opinion Elizabeth Buchanan Not All Is Quiet On the Arctic Front
(since Mar, 2019)   The Moscow Times

Not a day goes by without a mention of a looming new Cold War in the Arctic. Apparently, conflict between Russia and the West is now linked inextricably to the .

What Earth’s gravity reveals about climate change
(Apr 2019)   Science Daily

On March 17, 2002, the satellite duo GRACE was launched to map the Earth’s gravity field more precisely than ever before. The measurements make it possible .

WMO: Climate Change Impacts Accelerating
(since Mar, 2019)   The Maritime Executive

The physical signs and socio-economic impacts of climate change are accelerating as record greenhous .

Peak Oil Review: 22 April 2019 – Resilience
on 22nd of Apr 2019 Peak Oil Review: 22 April 2019  Resilience

Editors: Tom Whipple, Steve Andrews. Quote of the Week. “Climate change is happening faster than it’s ever happened before in our record. We’re right in the .

How to protect the Arctic as melting ice opens new shipping routes
(months ago)   Horizon magazine

Early this year, the Eduard Toll set a record: laden with liquefied natural gas, the tanker was the first commercial vessel to cross the Arctic in winter without an .

The Future of Arctic Shipping – Wall Street Journal
(months ago) The Future of Arctic Shipping  Wall Street Journal

As Arctic ice melts, the Northern Sea Route will stay navigable for longer periods, a result that could drastically change international trade and shipping.

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