Area 51’s history and conspiracy theories over the years

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Area 51 is highly classified, mysterious Air Force base in Nevada. It’s been at the center of numerous conspiracy theories pertaining to aliens and UFOs.

Over 1 million people have responded to a Facebook event to “storm” the site. The event is supposed to take place on September 20 with the end goal of getting the group to “see them aliens.”

The event is likely a joke, but it’s also led to memes. Area 51's history and conspiracy theories over the years ... area-51s-history-and-conspiracy -theories-over-the-years-2019-7 Area 51 is a highly classified area in Nevada. Currently, over 1 million people are actively plotting to "storm" the base in an attempt to see aliens. It's likely a joke, but it's brought up some serious questions about what goes on at the base. The US Government didn't acknowledge Area 51 , also called Groom Lake, until 2013. From spy planes to tourist attractions, here’s how the military base became associated with the theories.

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‘No little green men here’: How Area 51 became ground zero for UFO and alien sightings

Very little is known about the highly classified, remote base, making it the perfect object of fascination and conspiracy.

According to the CIA, Area 51 is its map designation. Videos for Area 51 ' s History And Conspiracy 43:59 Inside Area 51 , Secrets & Conspiracies, Nat Geo Documentary [1947 - 2019] YouTube But it begs the question ‘ are there other “areas?”

As National Geographic notes, there are many other names for the base. One of those names, is Groom Lake, a reference to the dry lake near the base, while another is the sarcastic moniker Paradise Ranch. Its official site name is Watertown, but it’s sometimes referred to as Dreamland, after the Edgar Allen Poe poem of the same name.

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What is Area 51? Alien conspiracy theories and history of Nevada site as Storm Area 51 Facebook event passes 1 million attendees

A Facebook event page inviting attendees to ‘storm’ Area 51 in an effort to ‘see them aliens‘ has attracted over a million responses.

The event ‘ called ‘Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us‘ ‘ is due to take place on 20 September, and is likely a joke given the high-security nature of the base.

Still, the US Air Force are taking no chances, and a spokesperson warned that they always stand ‘ready to protect America and its assets.’

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The internet’s memes and reactions to Area 51 raiders

An internet meme depicting fake Snapchat posts by actors Matthew Lillard (left), Chuck Norris (center) and Keanu Reeves (right), confirming their RSVP to the joke Sept. 20 Area 51 raid organized on a Facebook event page.

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Us: We’re going to raid Area 51! There’s some suspicious stuff going on over there.Area 51 Aliens:

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Me and the boys on the way to Area 51 to clap some alien cheeks. The real history of Area 51 and its alien conspiracy ... / area - 51 -american- conspiracy -theories-aliens- history ... Area 51 has been the focal point of alien conspiracy theories in America for decades. The remote military base in the Nevada desert has a lot of history , and has been associated with aliens almost ... Circa. September 2019 from weekendgunnit

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What’s Area 51, and why is it so popular right now? 4 things to know about the top

As one million Facebook users prepare to ‘storm’ the top secret Area 51 Military Base in Nevada, Annie Jacobsen, author of ‘Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base,’ dismissed the idea that civilians could even get close to the facility. Where is Area 51? | Everything You Need to Know About Area 51 /military/research/a24152/ area -51-hist For decades, Nevada's Area 51 Air Force facility has represented the eye of a conspiratorial hurricane that swirls around "evidence" that aliens (and their technology) exist and are hiding behind ... Jacobsen explained that besides the fact that the base is highly guarded, the military facility is housed inside a classified testing and training range which is roughly the size of Connecticut.

The top-secret military base known as Area 51 has long been a point of discussion for conspiracy theorists who believe the facility holds government secrets about’aliens‘and UFOs.

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