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Are Plastic Eating Bacteria The Solution To Ocean Pollution Science Shows Its Not That Simple

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Ocean plastic is a huge problem. Blockchain could be part of the solution.
(Oct 2018) The debris ensnares seabirds, starves whales and infiltrates the entire marine food chain — including humans, too, when we eat seafood . s Center for Ocean Solutions, praises the initiative for addr

SodaStream built a 1000-foot-long contraption called the ‘Holy Turtle’ to collect plastic from the ocean
on 17th of Oct 2018 After some major brands of bottled water were found to contain plastic particles, the World Health Organization announced this year that it will investigate whether eating . ocean waters. The Ocean

Plastics are forever: Pacifica beachcombers still finding landfill fallout
(Oct 2018) Scientists have proposed ambitious solutions to reduce the pile-up of persistent ocean plastics, such as plastic-eating bacteria, robots that suck up floating trash in the oceans and ejecting

Trying not to fluff it: Dealing with plastic microfibres
Oct 18th, 2018 07:23 UTC The fluff from my new polyester socks is made of lots of tiny plastic fibres . or I might enjoy eating and that provides food for thousands worldwide. Like other ocean microplastics, fibres

The Humble Plastic Straw
(Oct 2018) While we’ve all seen photos of mountains of plastic trash piled high in third-world countries, most of us are not aware that the majority of discarded plastic winds up in landfills and the ocean . f

is it true that if the oceans die, we die?
(Oct 2018) Ocean plastic breaks down into microscopic pieces that are ingested by the fish we eat. It goes into our water . creators for the oceans is the only solution.”

What the creators of the giant plastic
(since Sep, 2018) Ocean scientists like Leonard say that even though they’re skeptical about the project, they hope to be proven wrong. Even if the array can collect plastic, it’ll be just one part of a much larger sol

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