Apollo 11: NASA and the ‘lost’ Moon landing tapes

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50 years after the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong’s sons Mark and Rick describe the day when their father walked on the Moon.

‘With the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing approaching, reports have resurfaced that NASA lost some precious video footage of that first moonwalk,’ the space agency explains, in a statement on its website. “There is no missing video footage from the Apollo 11 moonwalk,” it adds.

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Apollo 11 tapes are in the spotlight at the moment. Apollo 11: NASA and the 'lost' Moon landing tapes | Fox News has responded to recent reports of “lost” Apollo 11 Moon landing tapes, but is adamant that no footage of the historic mission has been lost. A’set of original videotape recordings of the Apollo 11 Moon landing that were bought for $217.77 at a government surplus auction by a former NASA intern in the 1970s will be auctioned on July 20.

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Many things are taking place:

NASA sold moon landing footage to an intern for $218. Now, the tapes could sell for millions

Sotheby’s is selling three tapes that contain never-before-seen NASA footage of the 1969 moon landing. NASA Moon landing SHOCK: What Apollo 11 found during lost ... landing experts who have intently studied the Apollo 11 mission have boldly claimed NASA is holding back information on what really happened on July 20, 1969. Shorty after the NASA lunar... The tapes were unknowingly sold to an intern in 1976 who didn’t view them for 30 years.

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In 1976, the space agency unknowingly sold those tapes of original footage from the Apollo 11 lunar mission to a lucky intern who held onto them for decades. Videos for Apollo 11 Nasa And The Lost Moon Landing 1:58New doc provides insight into Apollo 11 moon landingYouTube He never even knew their contents.

Now, NASA’s blunder will belong to the highest bidder: the three surviving videotapes of the seminal moment in space exploration are up for auction’at a starting bid of $700,000.

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NASA intern paid $218 for Apollo 11 tapes ‘ but they could fetch millions at auction

A former NASA intern hopes to turn one small stash of videotapes into one giant payday when the only surviving original recording of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon will be auctioned.

Gary George was a college student in 1976 when he bought more than 1,100 videotape reels from the space agency for about $218 during a government surplus auction.

‘I had no idea there was anything of value on them,’ George, a 65-year-old retired mechanical engineer from Las Vegas, told Reuters. ‘I was selling them to TV stations just to record over.’

And now, he is over the moon at the prospect of the tapes being sold for as much as $2 million when Sotheby’s auctions them off in the Big Apple on July 20.

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Former NASA Intern Bought Moon Landing Recordings for $217 ‘ Now They Could Fetch $2 Million

A former NASA intern unwittingly bought a set of original Apollo 11 Moon landing videotape recordings for $217.77 back in the 1970s. Now, he could fetch up to a whopping $2 million for them when they are put up for auction later this month, Sotheby’s said.

Gary George was an intern at NASA when he attended a government surplus auction at Houston’s Ellington Air Force Base back in June 1976. According to Reuters, he took home roughly 1,100 reels of videotape with NASA listed as the ‘Owning Agency or Reporting Office.’

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