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And The Oscar Goes To Innovations In Movie Tech

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Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Marvel, Netflix and the battle to define what ‘real’ cinema is [POLL]
(Oct 2019) But is that true for all superhero movies? That blanket . Culture and technology evolve, and these days they’re evolving rapidly. Spielberg and Scorsese have found great success in this particular

18 major Oscar contender movies you shouldn’t miss in theaters
(Oct 2019) The 2019 movies set to make a run for the Academy Awards are set. Here’s how the field looks from our vantage point.

Disney is using AI to correct gender bias in its movies
(Oct 2019) Not to mention how Kiss The Girl, a song about Prince Eric and Ariel’s sexual tension, argues that consent isn’t necessary in the lyrics — “There is one way to ask her / It don’t take a word / Not a

‘Gemini Man’ — the Will Smith clone film is a high
(Oct 2019) If only Oscar-winning Taiwanese film master Ang Lee would get . Unfortunately, he has instead given us Gemini Man, a substandard action movie any hack could have directed for producer Jerry

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ to Play at Broadway’s Belasco Theatre
(Oct 2019) With a month to go until its release, Netflix announced on Monday that Martin . ways to make this picture a special event for audiences and I’m thankful for their innovation and commitment.” Also

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Locks in The Matrix Cinematographer
(Oct 2019) The first of the franchise pulled in four Oscar wins for its technical achievements along with a slew of other recognitions. Pope played with groundbreaking technology again as cinematographer on

Amazon is rethinking its movie strategy
(Oct 2019) And it stunned the movie industry. Big screen time Amazon had been a friend to old Hollywood, more willing than the other tech giants to sign on for lengthy theatrical releases. Films from Amazon that

Tech Stocks: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
(Oct 2019) We speak with Tony Kim, Portfolio Manager and technology sector lead for Blackrock’s Fundamental Active Equity group, about what makes today different from history and why tech is a breeding ground

The Academy Will Allow Oscar Voters to Stream Almost All Awards Screeners
(Oct 2019) David Rubin isn’t going down the recent path of Academy presidents like John Bailey, who led the Board of Governors into hasty, ABC-friendly Oscar changes . of $10,000 a movie, paid by distributors

Apple Wants to Go to the Movies
(since Sep, 2019) Apple is considering releasing its exclusive feature-length movies in theaters before subsequently adding them to its online catalog, according to a report this morning from The Wall Street Journal.

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