And the Oscar goes to … innovations in movie tech

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Over the weekend in Beverly Hills, California, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held its annual Scientific and Technical Oscars ceremony. These awards, handed out two weeks ahead of that “other” Oscars broadcast, are specifically for scientific and technical achievements. This year the academy honored technologies‘like a security system that lets production teams share raw footage or drafts over the internet without them being stolen or leaked. And, of course, there were awards for motion graphics, 3D modeling, all the things that create incredible visual worlds in the movies.

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These Are The Countries That Hurt Technology Cooperation and Innovation

Tesla goes ‘Back to the Future’ at 1.21 Gigawatts in latest Easter Egg for the mobile app

Tesla might have just released its coolest Easter Egg yet. As discovered by the Tesla community and confirmed by Teslarati this weekend, the electric car maker has released an Easter Egg on the Tesla mobile app consisting of several references to the Back to the Future franchise. The fun, hidden feature is accessible for Model 3, Model S, and Model X, owners, and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Accessing Tesla’s Back to the Future Easter Egg on the mobile app requires some geek knowledge of the iconic, classic, sci-fi franchise. To access the Easter Egg, owners would need to tap the battery gauge on the Tesla mobile app. when the vehicle has 121 miles of range remaining. Once tapped, a message would appear onscreen featuring the first references to the Back to the Future franchise ‘ ‘Ensure plutonium fuel is inserted into reactor chamber and press ‘Yes’ to continue.’

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James Cameron Thinks Computers Will Soon Make Movies and ‘It’ll Suck’

James Cameron loves using the latest cutting-edge technology for his film work, but that doesn’t mean he has’only positive things to say about tech. The’Avatar filmmaker recently said he thinks we’re headed towards a future when movies are created by artificial intelligence. And when that happens, it will, in Cameron’s words, ‘suck.’

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In a recent interview with Little White Lies, James Cameron, the man who created’The Terminator, was asked if he thought we might be headed towards a future where computers create movies. Cameron answered in the affirmative, and he didn’t sound very happy about it:

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Opening Up the Oscars: ‘Black Panther’ is a Leap Forward for Superhero Movies and Media Representation

It’s been a tremendous year of representation in film for people of color. The nominees for the Best Picture category at this year’s Oscars awards reflect this diversity. Among these nominees is a fan and personal favorite: ‘Black Panther.’ An enthralling combination of what America needed the most and one of the coolest superhero movies to date, it’s one of the most accomplished nominees in the running.

‘Black Panther’ is a film which knocked down every clich’ associated with superhero films ‘ that superheroes could only be white men or women from American or a European origin. It brought forth a new era of superhero films, using techniques of strong technology, stronger women and a culturally based hero. From the tradition of becoming the black panther to the different tribes of Wakanda, there’s no denying it wouldn’t be the same without the rich culture of Wakanda. These cultural roots are exactly what makes ‘Black Panther’ different from any other Marvel movie.

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