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And The Oscar Goes To Innovations In Movie Tech

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The 4 best tech innovations we saw at CinemaCon, which could change the way you watch movies in theaters
(Apr 2019) Atom Tickets, the online movie-ticketing platform, has launched Atom Movie Access, which will allow exhibitors to use the Atom Tickets tech to customize their own . And unlike Atom, customers would

Exclusive: Spike Lee protégé puts time
on 22nd of Apr 2019 Brooklyn teen tech prodigy C.J. Walker faces an ethical . “I love superhero movies, I’ll go see the Avengers, Spider-Man, but when I leave I feel empty,” Bristol explains.

‘Missing Link’ Review: LAIKA’s Excellent Adventure Film Is the Most Accessible Yet
(Apr 2019) The movie feels like it wants to go in this direction but opts to . tour of the turn-of-the-century world, a time when technology and innovation were changing the urban landscape at a frenzied

Media/Tech VCs – Where They Are Placing Their Bets Right Now (Follow the Money)
(Apr 2019) Go deep with your audience via a diversified business . Finally, we’re seeing a lot of innovation and opportunity in music tech. The most exciting companies in 2019 are (1) those working on

Cinemark Watchung Opens “Best Seat in Town”
(Apr 2019) Jeffries got a chuckle from the crowd when he said,”I heard a buzz go through the crowd on Chick-fil-A, which will be opening across the street, “I thought free movies were something . of-the-line

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