An Unprecedented Cyberattack Hit the US Power Grid

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This week saw some aftershocks from recent revelations about a large-scale iOS hacking campaign. Brokers of so-called zero day exploits’the kind that companies haven’t yet patched’have started charging more for Android hacks than iOS for the first time. And Apple finally released a statement that both criticized Google’s characterization of the attacks and downplayed the significance of the targeted surveillance of at least thousands of iPhone owners.

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Many things are taking place:

Report reveals play-by-play of first U.S. grid cyberattack

A first-of-its-kind cyberattack on the U.S. grid created blind spots at a grid control center and several small power generation sites in the western United States, according to a document posted yesterday from the North American Electric Reliability Corp.

The unprecedented cyber disruption this spring did not cause any blackouts, and none of the signal outages at the “low-impact” control center lasted for longer than five minutes, NERC said in the “Lesson Learned” document posted to the grid regulator’s website.

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A Utah housing development is just the start of Sonnen’s US solar ambitions

German energy storage company Sonnen wants to ensure that one thing the future residents of an apartment complex in Herriman, Utah, never experience is a blackout.

In Herriman, Sonnen sees an opportunity to prove that a virtual power plant (VPP) could solve major energy problems in the US. A VPP is made up of connected solar roofs and batteries so that renewable energy can power the entire complex if the grid loses power.

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