An ‘Aquaman’ Horror Spin-Off About Those Trench Creatures Is In The Works

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Per The Hollywood Reporter, Aquaman director James Wan ‘ man behind the The Conjuring flicks ‘ will partner with his horror mate Peter Safran to produce the film.

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Per’The Hollywood Reporter,’Aquaman’director’James Wan’ man behind the The’Conjuring’flicks ‘ will partner with his horror mate’Peter Safran’to produce the film. Safran has previously worked on’The Conjuring,’The Nun,’and Annabelle.’

If your memory’s a bit foggy, the Trench ‘ about a million of them ‘ attack’Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and’Mera'(Amber Heard) towards the end of the film when they’re trying to find the trident.

The creatures were introduced into DC lore back in 2011 and are described as having superhuman strength, razor-sharp teeth, and the ability to spit a chemical that causes paralysis from their mouths so that’s lovely.

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Sequel Bits: ‘Jumanji 3,’ ‘Aquaman 2,’ ‘Mamma Mia 3,’ ‘Rambo 5,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reboot ‘ /Film

The third’Jumanji film will begin production in January. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’star’Kevin Hart confirmed that the follow-up comedy film, the still-untitled’Jumanji 3, will begin shooting at the end of January, according to’Variety. The actor, who was doing press for his newest film Night School, confirmed that the cast of the last film which included’Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, and’Jack Black, will be returning for Jumanji 3:

‘We start shooting at the end of January. We almost made a billion dollars with the first one, so to have the opportunity to repeat that same level of success is beyond exciting. To get that whole crew back is exciting. I’m pumped up about it.’

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Why ‘Aquaman’ Trailer Was the Best Received of Comic-Con

Arguably the most anticipated reveal of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer for James Wan’s Aquaman brought a wave of excitement to fans Saturday in Hall H. Warner Bros.’ latest entry in its universe of DC films, now officially referred to as Worlds of DC, finds the studio attempting to turn the tide after last year’s Justice League was met with critical and financial disappointment.

Aquaman sees Jason Momoa reprise the titular role, as he’s forced to contend with his royal legacy and his outsider status. While the character’s pop culture status has made him the butt of jokes over the decades, largely thanks to his rather useless role in the 1970s animated series’Super Friends, Aquaman looks to pull from the character’s rich comic book history ‘ most notably Geoff Johns’ run on the character in 2011, and make him a power player with popularity akin to Wonder Woman in the eyes of general audience members. By injecting the same adrenaline rush that has served Wan well in both the realms of horror and action, Aquaman looks like a wholly unique moviegoing experience that may be the latter half of 2018’s biggest event film.

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Film review: Aquaman – Cyprus Mail

You can guess the last two words spoken in Aquaman without even seeing the movie ‘ especially if I mention that they’re spoken in voice-over. Seriously, think about it. What’s the absolute most clich’d way to end an origin story, the final declaration as our hero accepts his true identity? Except this isn’t even an origin story, since Aquaman (Jason Momoa) already appeared in last year’s Justice League, and mention is made of ‘fighting Steppenwolf’ so it clearly isn’t a prequel. The film is muddled as well as clich’d.

Does it really matter? It’s trendy to berate the superhero films made by DC Comics (except Wonder Woman, which gets a pass for Gal Gadot), contrasting them with the sparkier Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ‘ and they are indeed quite wooden by comparison, yet they’ve all made money. DC appear to have figured out that there’s an audience, especially outside America, of people who either have no childhood experience of comic books (and just want to see an action movie) or actually enjoy the mindless feel of superhero films being square-cut and relentlessly prosaic, as opposed to nudge-you-in-the-ribs snarky. Hence something like Aquaman, epic in length but consistently familiar, from the childhood prologue to the final nail of those closing two words. (If you still haven’t guessed, let me put you out of your misery: ‘I’m Aquaman.’)

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