All of the 2019 Nobel prizes in science went to men

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Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. Videos for All Of The 2019 Nobel Prizes In Science 0:46Peter Handke wins 2019 Nobel literature prize, Olga Tokarczuk wins for 2018REUTERS Here’s how they’re moving us forward.

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That’s a return to business as usual, after biochemical engineer Frances Arnold won in 2018, for chemistry, and Donna Strickland received the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics.

Strickland was only the third female physicist to get a Nobel, following Marie Curie in 1903 and Maria Goeppert-Mayer 60 years later. When asked how that felt, she noted that at first it was surprising to realize so few women had won the award: ‘But, I mean, I do live in a world of mostly men, so seeing mostly men doesn’t really ever surprise me either.’

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In case you are keeping track:

Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Studies of Earth’s Place in the Universe

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics went to an astrophysicist who came up with sweeping ideas to explain how matter in the young universe swirled into galaxies, and to two astronomers who showed that other stars similar to the sun also possess planets.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced on Tuesday that James Peebles, a professor emeritus at Princeton University, shared the prize ‘ and half the prize money of more than $900,000 ‘ for his theories that have helped explain 13.8 billion years of cosmological history.

The other half honored work by Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz, who were the first to discover a planet circling around a distant sun-like star.

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Here Are All of the Scientists, Writers and More Who Have Won a 2019 Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is announcing its winners for 2019 this week, and all eyes are on Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage climate change activist widely seen as the frontrunner for the Peace Prize.

Thunberg’s category, the winner of which will be announced on Friday, is one of five created by Alfred Nobel in his third and last will in 1895, which left much of his wealth to establishing a prize for those who ‘conferred the greatest benefit to humankind’ during the preceding year.

This year, there are 301 candidates (223 individuals, and 78 organizations) up for the Peace Prize, according to the Nobel Foundation.

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Ethiopian PM Wins Nobel Peace Prize as Fans of Greta Thunberg React: The Fight Has ‘Just Begun’

Though her passionate plea to save the planet had made her a frontrunner in many eyes, teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg was not awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, leading many on social media to take it upon themselves to recognize all of the good she’s so far inspired.

The coveted award instead went to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, for ‘his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea,’ the Norwegian Nobel Committee said in a statement on Friday.

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97-year-old UT professor says his Nobel Prize money will go to the university

Austin (KXAN) ‘ ‘No, I didn’t anticipate anything,’ said 97-year-old University of Texas at Austin engineering professor John B. Goodenough on a call with reporters Wednesday, the same day he had been awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with two other scientists for the development of the lithium-ion battery.

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UT Austin explained that Goodenough was in London Wednesday receiving another award: the Copley Medal from the Royal Society.

The call with the press was delayed a half-hour because Goodenough ‘had to put his head down for a quick nap,’ a press officer with the Royal Society explained. All of the 2019 Nobel prizes in science went to men - of the 2019 Nobel Prizes in science were awarded to men. © Provided by Atlantic Media, Inc. That’s a return to business as usual, after biochemical engineer Frances Arnold won in 2018, for... But after that nap, the professor was jovial and refreshed while talking with reporters.

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