Aliens on Mars: Is this NASA photo of ‘alien statue’ evidence of UFOs on Mars?

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Aliens on Mars: Is this NASA photo of ‘alien statue’ evidence of UFOs on Mars?‘

Conspiracy theorists believe the photograph snapped by NASA’s Spirit Mars rover could be undeniable proof of extraterrestrials.

The photo was unearthed by popular UFO hunter Scott C Waring who alleged the picture shows the figure of “a being”.

Mr Waring claimed one particular piece of rock formation photographed by NASA’s robot looks too human-like in shape to be ignored.

The UFO expert said it cannot be a coincidence he keeps coming across these “Martian figures”.


About his latest claim, he said: “I have something interesting for you. It is a figure on Mars.

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UFO-Hunters Claim To Have Spotted A Crashed Alien Spacecraft on Mars

In the latest series of strange claims about Mars UFO enthusiasts believe they have spotted a huge alien mothership created on the Red planets’s surface.

After studying photos taken by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor, YouTube channel ‘UFOvni2012’ discovered a dark shape shape, which looks remarkably similar to a rock. They believe it could be a crashed spacecraft created by an alien civilisation.

Now experts say the image shows clear evidence of a flying saucer crash site and proves martians may be out there.

The YouTube description of the video says it is the Medusa Fossae formation on the planet, a ‘large geological unit of uncertain origin’.

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