Aliens ‘drawing energy from volcano eruptions’

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Aliens ‘drawing energy from volcano eruptions’‘Daily Star
Reported sightings of alien crafts around volcanic eruptions are on the rise, according to numerous alien conspiracy websites. While a glowing sphere was reportedly spotted over the Yellowstone volcano in the US in February, another was spotted last year in El Salvador in September. In January 2017, alien chasers claimed a new video appeared to show a  burst into a ball of light after “leaving a volcano” while in 2016, there were numerous other stories on UFOs flying over active volcanos. UFO hunters are convinced that witness accounts of bright, pulsating light, caught around the active volcanos is evidence their activity is within the nature of Earth

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A Muslim Among Israeli Settlers

Image above: A Palestinian worker in Shiloh tends to the grounds of what some Jews believe was the first capital of the Israelite kingdom.

I was here to report on Jewish settlers, the 600,000 citizens of Israel living beyond its pre-1967 borders. My main concern was whether the normally guarded and cautious settler community would open up and talk to me: a brown-skinned, practicing Muslim from the United States.

Should I lie to an Israeli soldier in order to be allowed to pray? This was a theological dilemma I never studied in Sunday school, one I never thought I would have to confront.

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The very particular and weird influences for the retro

This month, SYFY WIRE is interviewing some of the best composers in TV and film to get insight on the theme songs and scores that stick in our heads long after the credits roll.

Creating music for a far-off future may not be easy, but it was a task composer Christopher Tyng was more than up to facing when it came to Futurama. The animated series saw pizza delivery boy Fry wake up from an accidental cyro freeze just in time for New Year’s Eve 2999. From there, we explored the 31st century with him and his merry band of strange robot and alien pals. Drawing us into this future was Tyng’s music which joined us as we met new aliens, planets, and technology throughout the seasons.

Dyson Spheres, The Ultimate Alien Megastructures, Are Missing From The Galaxy

A partially-obscured star could be due to an alien megastructure that is not yet complete, and could potentially be detectable by the Gaia spacecraft.
A Dyson swarm is seen as a step along the path to a Dyson sphere, where light is blocked by a series of spacecraft orbiting in rings around a star.
Here on Earth, the amount of energy available to us is determined by the amount of sunlight striking our planet’s surface. At Earth’s distance from the Sun, that equates to approximately 1300 watts per square meter, which drops to around 1000 if you force the light to go through the atmosphere


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