Alien on Mars discovery: UFO crash landing and statues found on Red Planet

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UFO enthusiasts have been on the hunt for evidence of aliens for centuries, and one man believes he has finally found the proof.

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Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “I found a lot of unusual alien artefacts, all of which point to the existence of an intelligent, albeit unusual alien culture.

“One object is a face with white hair, but on closer inspection, its not hair, but a second face built upon the first.

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“Also there were some faces, alien tech and a crashed alien craft broken into three large parts.”

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Software finds the best way to stick a Mars landing

Selecting a landing site for a rover headed to Mars is a lengthy process that normally involves large committees of scientists and engineers. These committees typically spend several years weighing a mission’s science objectives against a vehicle’s engineering constraints, to identify sites that are both scientifically interesting and safe to land on.

Now researchers at MIT have developed a software tool for computer-aided discovery that could help mission planners make these decisions. It automatically produces maps of favorable landing sites, using the available data on Mars’ geology and terrain, as well as a list of scientific priorities and engineering constraints that a user can specify.

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‘The Dragon Prince’ Leads an Epic Fall TV Lineup in 2018

With the eighth and final season of GoT approaching about as quickly as a lumbering army of frozen zombies, you may be looking for something else to pass the time. And it’s probably not a bad idea to find some other epic saga to get into now so you won’t go into total withdrawal when Game of Thrones officially ends next year either

Thankfully, TV season is back and Autumn 2018 is jam-packed with epic sagas to scratch that itch. Here are five shows to look forward to (or check out now) that can help fill the dragon-sized hole in your heart.

What makes a story epic? Is it the distance traveled? The challenges conquered? The heroes that rise up and the monsters they slay along the way? For the creators of The Dragon Prince, a new animated series on Netflix, the true test of any epic story is its ability to inspire fans.

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