Alien disclosure soon? Turkey Govt confirms authenticity of UFO sighting in 2009

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Alien disclosure soon? Turkey Govt confirms authenticity of UFO sighting in 2009‘International Business Times, India EditionEvery recorded UFO sighting in Gloucestershire revealed‘Gloucestershire Live

Conspiracy theorists all across the world are now in a state of ecstasy as NASA, the world’s leading space agency has confirmed the presence of organic matter on Mars.

The bizarre sighting apparently happened on May 13, 2009, at around 2.20 AM. The video shows an eerie flying object hovering in the skies, and interestingly two aliens sitting in the UFO were clearly visible in the footage.

Upon the release of the video, it sparked debate among alien buffs and UFO enthusiasts. The Council for Scientific and Technological Research insisted on studying this video to check its authenticity. Now, after nearly nine years, the Council has made it clear that the object spotted in the video did not have any earthly roots. The research report also added that the video was not subjected to any kind of editing, the object present in the video exists intact as in the original record.

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