Aaron Gordon accidentally posts photo of girlfriend with wardrobe…

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You can certainly understand why Aaron Gordon would want to show off his girlfriend Izabela Guedes on social media every chance he gets, but the Orlando Magic star showed a little too much in one of his latest Instagram stories.

Gordon shared a photo of Guedes on his Instagram story this week in which her breast was exposed. It looked like Gordon tried to cover it with an emoji, but he put the emoji in the wrong place. Here’s a censored version, which covers both the wardrobe malfunction and the little emoji that served no purpose.

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Guedes is a model and swimwear designer who has more than 700,000 followers on Instagram. She previously dated rapper Wiz Khalifa.

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Aaron Gordon has emoji malfunction on girlfriend’s photo

Earlier this week, Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon accidentally shared an explicit photo of girlfriend Izabela Guedes on Instagram, in which her breast was exposed, via Awesemo.com. Although the 25-year-old athlete tried to cover it up with an emoji, it was misplaced.

Guedes, a model and swimwear designer, frequently shares bikini-clad shots with her legions of Instagram followers.

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Chris Evans’ big brother Scott teases him after unusual photo leak

He’s become the talk of town after accidentally sharing a very revealing snap of the male genitalia on Instagram.

And Chris Evans’ brother Scott Evans did not let the moment fly by as he hilariously addressed it on his Twitter account on Sunday morning.

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Chris’ Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo also attempted to cheer the actor up following the unusual photo leak.

‘Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining,’ Mark assured his costar.

The tweets were sent after Chris accidentally shared a photo of a penis during an innocuous game on Instagram.’

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Cecily Strong Breaking News, Photos, and Videos

Apple TV+ has announced a new musical comedy series is in the works and a star-studded cast is attached!

SNL creator Lorne Michaels is executive producing the series, which was created by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio.

Emmy nominee Cecily Strong will lead the cast as Melissa in the new series, which doesn’t have a title yet. The new comedy series follows a couple on a backpacking trip designed to reinvigorate their relationship when they discover a magical town in which everyone acts as if they’re in a musical from the 1940s. They then discover that they can’t leave until they find ‘true love.’

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150 Essential Comedy Movies To Watch Now

What makes a comedy a classic? Something that’floats on the changing tides of time and taste, remaining relevant ‘ and hilarious? It probably takes more than a football to the groin or a juiced-up fart on the audio track. (Though we’re not not saying those can sometimes be the pinnacle of professional-grade jokes.) We don’t have the answer, but with our Essential list assembling 150 of the best comedies ever made, we’re getting closer to laugh-out-loud enlightenment than humanly thought possible. We’re melting minds, splitting sides, and slapping knees here.

To that end, we’ve included all forms of the comedy movie. From slapstick (Dumb & Dumber, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) to silent (The General, Modern Times). Rom-coms (Moonstruck, Annie Hall) to screwball (It Happened One Night, Bringing Up Baby). Parody (Airplane!, Scary Movie) to postmodern (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Galaxy Quest). These 150 movies will take you to college (Animal House), past some fan favorites'(Step Brothers, Super Troopers),’and’all around the globe'(Kung Fu Hustle, Amelie).

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