AAC Clyde Space to develop cubesats to offer array of services

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SAN FRANCISCO ‘ AAC Clyde Space announced a 19 million euro ($22.5 million) contract backed by the U.K. Space Agency to develop a 10-cubesat communications and Earth-observation constellation.

As part of the three-year project called xSPANCION, AAC Clyde Space will develop and manufacture satellites to provide space-based services to companies eager to harness satellites to tackle business problems without investing in the space-based architecture or related expertise. AAC Clyde’s campaign to market and sell those services falls outside the project’s scope.

‘xSPANCION will revolutionize our space-as-a-service offering,’ AAC Clyde Space CEO Luis Gomes said in a statement. ‘It will allow us to significantly reduce the cost of every message collected, every image captured, supporting those business cases that to date have not been able to justify the [capital expenditure] to have hundreds of sensors in orbit. Fundamentally, our customers will no longer have to worry about how to access space, they can focus on how to enhance their core business.’

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