It was written from scratch, and its authors appear to be part of a well-established cyber crime

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[ A Story for Axel: Detect and Avoid, Command and Control ]

Publisher: NASA
Date: 2021-05-03T07:21-04:00
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The Story of FakeChat

The code underpinning this new malware, which we dubbed FakeChat, does not rely on previously released malware. It was written from scratch, and its authors appear to be part of a well-established cyber crime group that probably migrated from distributing other financial malware. Through the first quarter of 2021, as the malware began spreading more aggressively, we noticed that other research teams also found and named it. Most notably, it was blogged about as Cabassous and FluBot.

Publisher: Security Intelligence
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UK drone startup gets go ahead to trial beyond-visual-line-of

The test is taking place under a sandbox program announced back in May 2019 — directing government funding and regulatory support to R&D in the drone space — initially through virtual testing, such as of avoid and detect systems., an early participant in the sandbox, has now secured authorization to trial a concept for routine BVLOS operations at three (physical) sites without needing to pre-authorise each flight.

But it’s clear BVLOS capabilities will be essential for other uses of drone tech — such as delivery — hence the CAA calling the trial “a significant step forward for the drone industry”.

Author: CAA line of sight Civil Aviation Authority authorization
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The Brain’s Sense of Movement

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Omaha World-Herald Sunrise Edition

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Applying Cynefin Complexity Theory to Mediation

Cynefin is a Welsh word that means we are influenced by multiple factors in our environment that we can never fully understand.’ It is a good way to describe the complex world we are experiencing in this early part of the 21st century.’

The digital age is now a practical day-to-day reality for everyone. The illusion that the world is ordered and therefore can be easily reordered is challenged by the complexity of modern living.’ Conflict and disputes are also becoming far more complex. Today’s leaders in politics, industry and dispute resolution will have to manage this complexity in a way that allows the emergence of new ways of coexisting and innovative practices.

Date: 10/08/2016
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Games That Teach You Programming & Loop Hero

This week on GGSP: we take a look at how you can learn to program and play games at the same time, plus we review the repeating rogue-lite Loop Hero!

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GEMAnd I’m Gem. Coming up today – We go round and round a monster-filled circuit in the gear gathering roguelike game, Loop Hero.Plus, we’ll recommend some cool games to teach you coding and programming!

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RADYes, it’s a weird game called The Eternal Cylinder and it’s not out yet, but recently had a demo on PC. You play as a funny looking creature who’s trying to escape, and stop, an enormous cylinder which is slowly rolling across and flattening the world. On your journey you can eat different creatures and such to evolve useful traits, like big jumpy legs. Then you can use these to solve puzzles! I thought this was super interesting and creative! There’s a cool story and narration, and of course the ever-impending doom of big squish.

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