A New Year’s resolution for NASA: Stop advertising our presence

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Hasn’t the top brass at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ever seen the “Twilight Zone” episode where millions of Earthlings cheerfully board alien spaceships brought here by statesman-like starmen who seem to be good-hearted liberals who want nothing more than ‘To Serve Man?’ They find out too late that these are actually carnivorous conservatives, and that their holy book of the same name is a cookbook.

To keep this science fiction from becoming fact, here’s a New Year’s resolution for NASA: Stop powering spacecraft past our Solar System in the myopic hope that they’ll be intercepted by enlightened explorers wishing to share their clean energy technologies and their hunger for interplanetary camaraderie.

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While you’re here, how about this:

A New Year’s Resolution To Manage Your Finances: Why Is Sticking To It So Hard?

In my late 20s when I had $140 in the bank and scary credit card debt I realized I had to do something. I bought some graph paper and set out columns of my fixed costs (mortgage, heat, electricity, auto and home insurance). Then I added a column each for things like car expenses, magazines, books and subscriptions, routine household expenses (from mousetraps to batteries), clothing, restaurants (including fast food and take-out coffee) and so on.

I forced myself to write down what I had spent under each category. After a week my inner accountant had emerged and I kept at it. By month six I noticed something magical: the act of tracking expenses had a feedback effect on my spending. My expenses in the categories that all of us tend to ignore (take-out food and coffee, a candy bar at a vending machine, impulse buying a shirt, or a magazine at the check out line, etc.) were going down, not because I wanted to deny myself, but because I could see what was happening.

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Whiting column: 19 resolutions for 2019, here and at large

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5 Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail. Plus A New Way To Succeed!

We know the story. Every year millions of people make their New Year’s resolutions: They’re going to lose weight, stop drinking, get their six-pack abs or hit six figures in their business.

Most people give up on these goals by mid-February, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With some good planning and attention to detail, you can see your goals accomplished by 2020.

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Self-help gurus know you want to change. They know you believe now is the time to do it and they have written books, designed machines, and concocted formulas to help you do it.

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