A New Vampire The Masquerade Game Might be coming soon

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The last Vampire the Masquerade game was released in 2004 ‘ but it may awaken very soon. In 2015, Paradox Interactive purchased White Wolf Publishing and all its assets.

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About fifteen years ago, there was a series called Vampire the Masquerade. The vampires in this game were less Twilight and more True Blood. This series was part of a larger monster universe called World of Darkness, which contained games that included tabletop and video games. World of Darkness was owned by White Wolf Publishing. The last Vampire the Masquerade game was released in 2004, was published by Activision, and developed by a studio called Troika Games. If you have not heard of them, well that is because they are no longer. They went under in 2005 and the Vampire games have been put to rest, but it may awaken very soon.

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Paradox Interactive ARG teasing a new game, possibly Vampire: The Masquerade related

I love alternate reality games. Sure their sole purpose is to tease us with vague hints that will eventually lead to a product reveal, but at least it’s better than someone dropping a press release at your feet with no soul or effort. After The Dark Knight ARG over a decade ago, they’ve fallen out of favor for some reason. Thankfully the spirit of bold advertising lives on in Paradox Interactive.

You’re presented with four images and asked which one you identify with most. None of those available are what you would see on a normal dating app. There’s a girl who looks like she’s right out of The Ring movie, a splatter of blood on the wall, a creepy smiling clown, and a bunch of maggots. The next question asks you about your blood type. Now I know in Japan there is a belief that blood types can say a lot about what type of person you are but in the context of maggots and angry clowns, I don’t think it has anything to do with that.

New Vampire: The Masquerade Game “An Obvious Choice” for Paradox Interactive

While Paradox Interactive announced a bunch of new strategy games this past weekend at their annual PDXCon, there has still yet to be an announcement for a follow-up to the cult-classic Vampire: The Masquerade ‘ Bloodlines, which Paradox own the intellectual property for.

Now, we’ve learned that a new game in the Vampire IP ‘is an obvious choice’ for the Swedish publisher, news confirmed by Paradox CEO’Fred Wester in an interview with PCGamesN.

Before you start rejoicing and preparing to spam your preferred’Vampire: The Masquerade’fan community, the Paradox boss noted that a sequel to’Vampire: The Masquerade ‘ Bloodlines’would be scheduled in a ‘seven-to-ten year cycle’ in terms of overall longevity and growth of the IP itself.

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Vampire: The Masquerade finally returns to the tabletop with big changes

After 15 years out of the spotlight, the World of Darkness is finally back. The resurrected White Wolf, purchased and set loose by Paradox Interactive, has finally put the venerable world of urban fantasy and horror back on the tabletop with Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition. I’ve read it, played it, and I spoke with some of the people from White Wolf about the wild new gameplay changes, and how The World of Darkness is being updated with new secret histories to reflect on 15 years of world events.’They have big plans for the future of the setting on tabletop, PC, and even beyond that.’

Modiphius Entertainment Takes Over Development of Vampire: The Masquerade

White Wolf has not had an easy year. The numerous controversies attached to its Vampire: The Masquerade products forced its parent company, Paradox Interactive, to step in‘last month. After a’major restructuring, including a total upheaval of White Wolf’s upper management, Paradox integrated White Wolf directly into their company. A month later, an announcement was posted on the official White Wolf blog. Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition’s distributor, Modiphius Entertainment, will handle future content for the game. Modiphius will handle publishing and licensing while White Wolf focuses on brand management. In a press release from Modiphius, they also announced several new products for Vampire: The Masquerade. Chris Birch, President, and CEO of Modiphius said the following:

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