A hotel in Sweden is made entirely of treehouses, including one that looks like a UFO

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Across Senegal, the Beloved Baobab Tree Is the ‘Pride of the Neighborhood’

DAKAR, Senegal ‘ Wide, awkward baobab trees blend into the cityscape of Dakar, the busy capital of Senegal, almost without notice.

Drivers wash a fleet of taxis parked beneath one giant tree near a freeway on ramp. Rusting cars with open hoods are parked in a mechanic’s shop under the shade of another. A leathery trunk is a community billboard, with ads nailed to it for a plumber and an apartment for rent.

Aliou Ndour stood on a crowded corner, pulled out his phone and scrolled past the pictures of friends and family to another precious photo: the baobab in his home village.

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