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A Ghost Gene Leaves Ocean Mammals Vulnerable To Some Pesticides

Greetings Earthlings: We are out of our element The data, which at one time was within this realm, might have been zapped to another dimension. Scanning for new information . . . NASA, either it's cold or someone stole the sun.

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A ghost gene leaves ocean mammals vulnerable to some pesticides
(months ago)   Science NewsAn Ancient Lost Gene Leaves Whales Vulnerable to Pesticides  The AtlanticMost Marine Mammals Are Missing One Mysterious Gene  National GeographicMarine Mammals Have Lost a Gene That Now They May Desperately Need  The New York TimesView full coverage on Google News

A ‘ghost’ gene leaves sea mammals vulnerable to some toxic chemicals
(months ago)   Science News for Students

Manatees, dolphins and other warm-blooded marine animals can’t break down some common pesticides. The newfound reason: Long ago, their genes lost the .

Artificial Intelligence Finds Ancient ‘Ghosts’ in Modern DNA
(many weeks now)   Quanta Magazine

With the help of deep learning techniques, paleoanthropologists find evidence of long-lost branches on the human family tree.

50 years ago, DDT pushed peregrine falcons to the edge of extinction
(many weeks now)   Science News

In 1969, peregrine falcons were at risk of extinction. But a ban on the pesticide DDT and new captive breeding programs allowed the raptors to recover.

Gene-editing on autopilot: What could go wrong?
(since Mar, 2019)   Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The headline in The Economist called the genetic engineering tool known as gene drive “extinction on demand.” The Guardian referred to it as “genetic .

After 46 Years In Politics, Congressman Gene Green Wants To Spend Time With His Grandchildren
(months ago)   Texas Standard

“I told people that I am not going to die in Washington D.C. I’m from Texas, I’m a native Texan, I’m gonna go home.” Share this story with a friend: Facebook .

In saliva, clues to a ‘ghost’ species of ancient human: The evolutionary history of a salivary protein may point to interbreeding between humans and an enigmatic ancient relative
(months ago)   Science Daily

In saliva, scientists have found hints that a ‘ghost’ species of archaic humans may have contributed genetic material to ancestors of people living in sub-Saharan .

Garland County leaves Susan Inman off election ballot
(months ago)   Arkansas Times

Talk about vote suppression. The Garland County Election Commission left Susan Inman, the Democratic candidate for secretary of state, off the election ballot .

Humans did not stem from a single ancestral population in one region of Africa
(months ago)   Science Daily

A scientific consortium has found that human ancestors were scattered across Africa, and largely kept apart by a combination of diverse habitats and shifting .

Mechanism behind orchid beauty revealed
(months ago)   Science Daily

Researchers have identified the gene related to the greenish flower mutation in the Habenaria orchid.

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