Add in melasma and sun damage, and you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation that can be tough to

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[ 8 dark spot treatments that’ll promise you bright, even-toned skin ]

Waiting for a breakout to run its course can be a real exercise in patience, but when you’re dealing with dark spots that last for much after the zit has healed, it can be very frustrating. Add in melasma and sun damage, and you’re dealing with hyperpigmentation that can be tough to reverse. This is caused by the cells responsible for skin’s colour’melanocytes’depositing excess pigment into deeper levels of the skin, which can get in the way of the even-toned complexion you strive for. Here are the super-powered products you can try now.’

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Editor-Approved Brightening Serums for a Lit-From

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The 11 Best Derma Rollers for Your Skin, According to Experts

If you look in the mirror and see something you’d like to improve about your skin ‘ whether it’s minimizing scars, reducing wrinkles, evening out skin tone, or simply achieving a more radiant glow ‘ microneedling could be the answer.

At first, it may seem strange to roll hundreds of tiny needles over your skin. But that’s exactly what microneedling devices ‘ a.k.a. derma rollers ‘ do, and these handheld tools have made a name for themselves in the beauty world as a DIY solution to a variety of cosmetic skin woes.

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12 Homemade Face Mask Tutorials for Every Skin Type and Concern

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